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Chrome Cleanup Tool

This directory contains the source code for the Chrome Cleanup Tool, a standalone application distributed to Chrome users to find and remove Unwanted Software (UwS).

Integration with Chrome

The application is distributed in two versions:

  1. A Chrome component named the Software Reporter that finds UwS but does not have the ability to delete anything.
  2. A separate download named Chrome Cleanup Tool that both finds and removes UwS.

The Software Reporter runs in the background and, if it finds UwS that can be removed, reports this to Chrome. Chrome then downloads the full Cleanup Tool and shows a prompt on the settings page asking the user for permission to remove the UwS.

This directory contains the source for both.

Code in Chromium that deals with the Software Reporter Tool and Chrome Cleanup Tool includes:


Incomplete: the source code for the Software Reporter and Chrome Cleanup Tool are currently being moved from a Google internal repository into this directory.