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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module media.mojom;
import "media/mojo/interfaces/media_types.mojom";
// Interface for decrypting (and decoding) encrypted streams.
// See media/base/decryptor.h for details.
interface Decryptor {
// Status of a decrypt or decrypt-and-decode operation. See decryptor.h for
// descriptions.
enum Status;
// Stream type (audio/video). See decryptor.h for descriptions.
enum StreamType;
// Pass the two data pipes used to transfer DecoderBuffer contents to and
// from the Decryptor. |receive_pipe| will be used to receive DecoderBuffer
// data on Decrypt(), DecryptAndDecodeAudio(), and DecryptAndDecodeVideo()
// calls. |transmit_pipe| will be used to pass the DecoderBuffer data
// back with OnDecryptDone() calls. This method must be called before any
// methods listed are called.
Initialize(handle<data_pipe_consumer> receive_pipe,
handle<data_pipe_producer> transmit_pipe);
// Decrypts the |encrypted| buffer and returns the decrypt |status| and
// decrypted |buffer|.
// At most one decrypt call is allowed at any time for a |stream_type|.
Decrypt(StreamType stream_type, DecoderBuffer encrypted)
=> (Status status, DecoderBuffer? buffer);
// Cancels any pending decrypt for |stream_type| with SUCCESS.
CancelDecrypt(StreamType stream_type);
// Initializes a decoder with the given |config|. Returns whether the
// initialization succeeded.
InitializeAudioDecoder(AudioDecoderConfig config) => (bool success);
InitializeVideoDecoder(VideoDecoderConfig config) => (bool success);
// Decrypts and decodes the |encrypted| buffer and returns the |status| and
// the decrypted |audio_buffers| or |video_frame|.
// At end-of-stream, this method should be called repeatedly with
// end-of-stream |encrypted| until no buffer/frame can be produced.
// These methods can only be called after the corresponding decoder has
// been successfully initialized.
// At most one decrypt-and-decode call is allowed at any time for a
// |stream_type|.
// For video, ReleaseSharedBuffer() must be called when the VideoFrame
// is shared memory based and the memory is no longer needed.
DecryptAndDecodeAudio(DecoderBuffer encrypted)
=> (Status status, array<AudioBuffer> audio_buffers);
DecryptAndDecodeVideo(DecoderBuffer encrypted)
=> (Status status, VideoFrame? video_frame);
// Resets the decoder for |stream_type| to a clean initialized state and
// cancels any pending decrypt-and-decode operations immediately with ERROR.
// This method can only be called after the corresponding decoder has been
// successfully initialized.
ResetDecoder(StreamType stream_type);
// Releases decoder resources, deinitializes the decoder, aborts any pending
// initialization (with false) or decrypt-and-decode (with ERROR) for
// |stream_type| immediately.
// This method can be called any time after Initialize{Audio|Video}Decoder()
// has been called (with the correct stream type).
// After this operation, the decoder is set to an uninitialized state.
// The decoder can be reinitialized after it is deinitialized.
DeinitializeDecoder(StreamType stream_type);
// Releases the shared memory.
ReleaseSharedBuffer(handle<shared_buffer> buffer, uint64 buffer_size);