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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module media.mojom;
import "media/mojo/interfaces/media_types.mojom";
// DemuxerStream is modeled after media::DemuxerStream using mojo in order to
// enable proxying between a media::Pipeline and media::Renderer living in two
// different applications.
interface DemuxerStream {
// See media::DemuxerStream for descriptions.
enum Type;
// See media::DemuxerStream for descriptions.
enum Status;
// Initializes the DemuxerStream. Read() can only be called after the callback
// is received. The returned |pipe| will be used to fill out the data section
// of the media::DecoderBuffer returned via DemuxerStream::Read(). Only the
// config for |type| should be non-null, which is the initial config of the
// stream.
Initialize() => (Type type,
handle<data_pipe_consumer> pipe,
AudioDecoderConfig? audio_config,
VideoDecoderConfig? video_config);
// Requests a DecoderBuffer from this stream for decoding and rendering.
// See media::DemuxerStream::ReadCB for a general explanation of the fields.
// Notes on the callback:
// - If |status| is OK, |buffer| should be non-null and clients must fill out
// the data section of the returned media::DecoderBuffer by reading from
// the |pipe| provided during Initialize().
// - If |status| is ABORTED, all other fields should be null.
// - If |status| is CONFIG_CHANGED, the config for the stream type should be
// non-null.
// TODO(dalecurtis): Remove this method in favor of serializing everything
// into the DataPipe given to Initialize() once DataPipe supports framed data
// in a nicer fashion.
Read() => (Status status,
DecoderBuffer? buffer,
AudioDecoderConfig? audio_config,
VideoDecoderConfig? video_config);
// Enables converting bitstream to a format that is expected by the decoder.
// For example, H.264/AAC bitstream based packets into H.264 Annex B format.