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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <dispatch/dispatch.h>
#include "base/mac/scoped_mach_port.h"
#include "sandbox/mac/message_server.h"
namespace sandbox {
class BootstrapSandbox;
struct BootstrapSandboxPolicy;
class OSCompatibility;
// This class is used to run a Mach IPC message server. This server can
// hold the receive right for a bootstrap_port of a process, and it filters
// a subset of the launchd/bootstrap IPC call set for sandboxing. It permits
// or rejects requests based on the per-process policy specified in the
// BootstrapSandbox.
class LaunchdInterceptionServer : public MessageDemuxer {
explicit LaunchdInterceptionServer(const BootstrapSandbox* sandbox);
~LaunchdInterceptionServer() override;
// Initializes the class and starts running the message server. If the
// |server_receive_right| is non-NULL, this class will take ownership of
// the receive right and intercept messages sent to that port.
bool Initialize(mach_port_t server_receive_right);
// MessageDemuxer:
void DemuxMessage(IPCMessage request) override;
mach_port_t server_port() const { return message_server_->GetServerPort(); }
// Given a look_up2 request message, this looks up the appropriate sandbox
// policy for the service name then formulates and sends the reply message.
void HandleLookUp(IPCMessage request, const BootstrapSandboxPolicy* policy);
// Given a swap_integer request message, this verifies that it is safe, and
// if so, forwards it on to launchd for servicing. If the request is unsafe,
// it replies with an error.
void HandleSwapInteger(IPCMessage request);
// Forwards the original |request| on to real bootstrap server for handling.
void ForwardMessage(IPCMessage request);
// The sandbox for which this message server is running.
const BootstrapSandbox* sandbox_;
// The Mach IPC server.
std::unique_ptr<MessageServer> message_server_;
// Whether or not the system is using an XPC-based launchd.
bool xpc_launchd_;
// The Mach port handed out in reply to denied look up requests. All denied
// requests share the same port, though nothing reads messages from it.
base::mac::ScopedMachReceiveRight sandbox_port_;
// The send right for the above |sandbox_port_|, used with
// MACH_MSG_TYPE_COPY_SEND when handing out references to the dummy port.
base::mac::ScopedMachSendRight sandbox_send_port_;
// The compatibility shim that handles differences in message header IDs and
// request/reply structures between different OS X versions.
std::unique_ptr<OSCompatibility> compat_shim_;
} // namespace sandbox