Revert "Add field trial testing config for BoostThreadPriorityOnLibraryLoadingAndBackgroundMode."

This reverts commit 9d6a01ba9f0c75e7b757400c75edbee58bbee217.

Reason for revert: Breaking GPU tests on GPU FYI waterfall and on ANGLE's CQ.
Bug: 1014659

Original change's description:
> Add field trial testing config for BoostThreadPriorityOnLibraryLoadingAndBackgroundMode.
> This experiment enables:
> - Use THREAD_MODE_BACKGROUND_BEGIN/END to set the priority of
>   background threads. This affects memory and IO priority in addition
>   to CPU priority.
> - Increase thread priority to "normal" in scopes where background
>   threads load modules.
> The expectation is that this will improve responsiveness of Chrome
> (input delay, first contentful paint), without regressing jank.
> We are adding the testing config in preparation for enabling this
> via Finch in M79.
> Bug: 973868
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