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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""A helper script to print paths of NaCl binaries, includes, libs, etc.
It is similar in behavior to pkg-config or sdl-config.
import argparse
import os
import posixpath
import sys
import getos
if sys.version_info < (2, 7, 0):
sys.stderr.write("python 2.7 or later is required run this script\n")
VALID_ARCHES = ('arm', 'x86_32', 'x86_64', 'i686')
VALID_PNACL_ARCHES = (None, 'pnacl', 'le32')
'arm': 'arm',
'x86_32': 'i686',
'i686': 'i686',
'x86_64': 'x86_64'
'arm': 'arm',
'x86_32': 'x86_32',
'i686': 'x86_32',
'x86_64': 'x86_64'
'arm': 'arm',
'x86_32': 'x86',
'i686': 'x86',
'x86_64': 'x86'
NACL_TOOLCHAINS = ('glibc', 'pnacl', 'bionic', 'clang-newlib')
HOST_TOOLCHAINS = ('linux', 'mac', 'win')
# This is not an exhaustive list of tools, just the ones that need to be
# special-cased.
# e.g. For PNaCL cc => pnacl-clang
# For NaCl cc => pnacl-gcc
# Most tools will be passed through directly.
# e.g. For PNaCl foo => pnacl-foo
# For NaCl foo => x86_64-nacl-foo.
'cc': 'clang',
'c++': 'clang++',
'gcc': 'clang',
'g++': 'clang++',
'ld': 'clang++'
'cc': 'gcc',
'c++': 'g++',
'gcc': 'gcc',
'g++': 'g++',
'ld': 'g++'
class Error(Exception):
def Expect(condition, message):
if not condition:
raise Error(message)
def ExpectToolchain(toolchain, expected_toolchains):
Expect(toolchain in expected_toolchains,
'Expected toolchain to be one of [%s], not %s.' % (
', '.join(expected_toolchains), toolchain))
def ExpectArch(arch, expected_arches):
Expect(arch in expected_arches,
'Expected arch to be one of [%s], not %s.' % (
', '.join(map(str, expected_arches)), arch))
def CheckValidToolchainArch(toolchain, arch, arch_required=False):
if toolchain or arch or arch_required:
ExpectToolchain(toolchain, VALID_TOOLCHAINS)
if toolchain in HOST_TOOLCHAINS:
Expect(arch is None,
'Expected no arch for host toolchain %r. Got %r.' % (
toolchain, arch))
elif toolchain == 'pnacl':
Expect(arch is None or arch in ['pnacl', 'le32'],
'Expected no arch for toolchain %r. Got %r.' % (toolchain, arch))
elif arch_required:
Expect(arch is not None,
'Expected arch to be one of [%s] for toolchain %r.\n'
'Use the -a or --arch flags to specify one.\n' % (
', '.join(VALID_ARCHES), toolchain))
if arch:
if toolchain == 'pnacl':
ExpectArch(arch, VALID_PNACL_ARCHES)
ExpectArch(arch, VALID_ARCHES)
def GetArchName(arch):
return ARCH_NAME.get(arch)
def GetArchAltName(arch):
return ARCH_ALT_NAME.get(arch)
def GetArchBaseName(arch):
return ARCH_BASE_NAME.get(arch)
def CanonicalizeToolchain(toolchain):
if toolchain == 'host':
return getos.GetPlatform()
return toolchain
def GetPosixSDKPath():
sdk_path = getos.GetSDKPath()
if getos.GetPlatform() == 'win':
return sdk_path.replace('\\', '/')
return sdk_path
def GetToolchainDir(toolchain, arch=None):
ExpectToolchain(toolchain, NACL_TOOLCHAINS)
root = GetPosixSDKPath()
platform = getos.GetPlatform()
if toolchain in ('pnacl', 'clang-newlib'):
subdir = '%s_pnacl' % platform
assert arch is not None
subdir = '%s_%s_%s' % (platform, GetArchBaseName(arch), toolchain)
return posixpath.join(root, 'toolchain', subdir)
def GetToolchainArchDir(toolchain, arch):
ExpectToolchain(toolchain, NACL_TOOLCHAINS)
assert arch is not None
toolchain_dir = GetToolchainDir(toolchain, arch)
arch_dir = '%s-nacl' % GetArchName(arch)
return posixpath.join(toolchain_dir, arch_dir)
def GetToolchainBinDir(toolchain, arch=None):
ExpectToolchain(toolchain, NACL_TOOLCHAINS)
return posixpath.join(GetToolchainDir(toolchain, arch), 'bin')
def GetSDKIncludeDirs(toolchain):
root = GetPosixSDKPath()
base_include = posixpath.join(root, 'include')
if toolchain == 'clang-newlib':
toolchain = 'newlib'
return [base_include, posixpath.join(base_include, toolchain)]
def GetSDKLibDir():
return posixpath.join(GetPosixSDKPath(), 'lib')
# Commands
def GetToolPath(toolchain, arch, tool):
if tool == 'gdb':
# Always use the same gdb; it supports multiple toolchains/architectures.
# NOTE: this is always a i686 executable. i686-nacl-gdb is a symlink to
# x86_64-nacl-gdb.
return posixpath.join(GetToolchainBinDir('glibc', 'x86_64'),
if toolchain == 'pnacl':
CheckValidToolchainArch(toolchain, arch)
tool = CLANG_TOOLS.get(tool, tool)
full_tool_name = 'pnacl-%s' % tool
CheckValidToolchainArch(toolchain, arch, arch_required=True)
ExpectArch(arch, VALID_ARCHES)
if toolchain == 'clang-newlib':
tool = CLANG_TOOLS.get(tool, tool)
tool = GCC_TOOLS.get(tool, tool)
full_tool_name = '%s-nacl-%s' % (GetArchName(arch), tool)
return posixpath.join(GetToolchainBinDir(toolchain, arch), full_tool_name)
def GetCFlags(toolchain):
ExpectToolchain(toolchain, VALID_TOOLCHAINS)
return ' '.join('-I%s' % dirname for dirname in GetSDKIncludeDirs(toolchain))
def GetIncludeDirs(toolchain):
ExpectToolchain(toolchain, VALID_TOOLCHAINS)
return ' '.join(GetSDKIncludeDirs(toolchain))
def GetLDFlags():
return '-L%s' % GetSDKLibDir()
def main(args):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=__doc__)
parser.add_argument('-t', '--toolchain', help='toolchain name. This can also '
'be specified with the NACL_TOOLCHAIN environment '
parser.add_argument('-a', '--arch', help='architecture name. This can also '
'be specified with the NACL_ARCH environment variable.')
group = parser.add_argument_group('Commands')
group.add_argument('--tool', help='get tool path')
help='output all preprocessor and compiler flags',
group.add_argument('--libs', '--ldflags', help='output all linker flags',
help='output include dirs, separated by spaces',
options = parser.parse_args(args)
# Get toolchain/arch from environment, if not specified on commandline
options.toolchain = options.toolchain or os.getenv('NACL_TOOLCHAIN')
options.arch = options.arch or os.getenv('NACL_ARCH')
options.toolchain = CanonicalizeToolchain(options.toolchain)
CheckValidToolchainArch(options.toolchain, options.arch)
if options.cflags:
print GetCFlags(options.toolchain)
elif options.include_dirs:
print GetIncludeDirs(options.toolchain)
elif options.libs:
print GetLDFlags()
elif options.tool:
print GetToolPath(options.toolchain, options.arch, options.tool)
parser.error('Expected a command. Run with --help for more information.')
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':
except Error as e:
sys.stderr.write(str(e) + '\n')