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Name: content_shell_fonts
Version: unknown
License: SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE, GPL v2, Bitstream Vera Fonts Copyright
Security Critical: no
A collection of fonts in the content_shell_fonts directory distributed in a
cloud storage bucket in order to ease running layout test under multiple Linux
How to update or add fonts:
1. Download fonts from their source repositories, see "Font Origins" below,
build them if necessary.
2. Copy the necessary files to ./content_shell_test_fonts
3. Verify that the licenses are correctly referenced in LICENSE (See the
section headers in the LICENSE file: When adding a new license, add a dashed
line, list the new font files that it applies to, and copy and paste the
additional license below.)
4. Update the `//third_party/content_shell_fonts/` target to include
all the current fonts and their license files.
5. Run the `` (from depot_tools) script to upload
the files. You must do this in the //third_party/content_shell_fonts directory.
To do this, execute:
$ --archive -b chromium-fonts content_shell_test_fonts
6. Add all the font_bundle.tar.gz.sha1 file to the chromium src repository,
by executing the following command:
$ git add ./third_party/content_shell_fonts/content_shell_test_fonts.tar.gz.sha1
7. (optional) Modify loaded kSystemFontsForFontconfig and
kCloudStorageSyncedFonts lists in
If you need access to the chromium-fonts bucket, contact Chrome infra. For
details, please refer to
Font Origins: