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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/feature_list.h"
#include "chrome/browser/android/shortcut_info.h"
ShortcutInfo::ShortcutInfo(const GURL& shortcut_url)
: url(shortcut_url),
minimum_splash_image_size_in_px(0) {}
ShortcutInfo::ShortcutInfo(const ShortcutInfo& other) = default;
ShortcutInfo::~ShortcutInfo() {
void ShortcutInfo::UpdateFromManifest(const content::Manifest& manifest) {
if (!manifest.short_name.string().empty() ||
! {
short_name = manifest.short_name.string();
name =;
if (short_name.empty())
short_name = name;
else if (name.empty())
name = short_name;
user_title = short_name;
// Set the url based on the manifest value, if any.
if (manifest.start_url.is_valid())
url = manifest.start_url;
if (manifest.scope.is_valid())
scope = manifest.scope;
// Set the display based on the manifest value, if any.
if (manifest.display != blink::kWebDisplayModeUndefined)
display = manifest.display;
if (display == blink::kWebDisplayModeStandalone ||
display == blink::kWebDisplayModeFullscreen ||
display == blink::kWebDisplayModeMinimalUi) {
// Set the orientation based on the manifest value, or ignore if the display
// mode is different from 'standalone', 'fullscreen' or 'minimal-ui'.
if (manifest.orientation != blink::kWebScreenOrientationLockDefault) {
// TODO(mlamouri): Send a message to the developer console if we ignored
// Manifest orientation because display property is not set.
orientation = manifest.orientation;
// Set the theme color based on the manifest value, if any.
if (manifest.theme_color != content::Manifest::kInvalidOrMissingColor)
theme_color = manifest.theme_color;
// Set the background color based on the manifest value, if any.
if (manifest.background_color != content::Manifest::kInvalidOrMissingColor)
background_color = manifest.background_color;
// Sets the URL of the HTML splash screen, if any.
if (manifest.splash_screen_url.is_valid())
splash_screen_url = manifest.splash_screen_url;
// Set the icon urls based on the icons in the manifest, if any.
for (const content::Manifest::Icon& icon : manifest.icons)
if (manifest.share_target)
share_target_url_template = manifest.share_target->url_template.string();
void ShortcutInfo::UpdateSource(const Source new_source) {
source = new_source;