Revert "chromeos: makes resizes smoother with mash"

This reverts commit b805090b40d7450d3ab7375942af34ed69cd94cb.

Reason for revert: This makes the mouse get stuck hidden on device.

Original change's description:
> chromeos: makes resizes smoother with mash
> This contains two changes:
> 1. Adds call from ClientRoot to Compositor::OnChildResizing(). This ensures
>    that WindowTreeHost doesn't dispatch move events until the frame has been
>    activated.
> 2. Converts resetting of pointer moves lock from OnCompositingDidCommit()
>    to OnCompositingEnded(). OnCompositingDidCommit() seems to be called much
>    to earlier in the mash case, and results in jank when resizing.
> BUG=929914
> TEST=none
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Bug: 929914
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