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Name: modp base64 decoder
Short Name: stringencoders
Version: unknown
The modp_b64.c file was modified to remove the inclusion of modp's config.h
and to fix compilation errors that occur under VC8. The file was renamed to force it to be compiled as C++ so that the inclusion of
basictypes.h could be possible.
The file modp_b64_data.h was generated by modp_b64_gen.c (under Linux),
which is not included in this directory. The resulting header was
modified to not include <stdint.h> when COMPILER_MSVC is defined (since
that header file does not exist under VC8), but instead in that case to
include "base/basictypes.h" and provide the required typedefs for
uint8_t and uint32_t using uint8 and uint32.