Revert "Fix default font used in VR text element"

This reverts commit b5385fa9a49dc721b3ecb8a618702131a7f99762.

Reason for revert: Appears to have broken VR render tests

Original change's description:
> Fix default font used in VR text element
> The VR code is using the default font "sans-serif".
> The Font (and FontList) on that platform is the PlatformFontSkia
> When creating the font with the literal "sans-serif", there is
> not matched typeface.
> The function creating the typeface has a fallback path that try
> "sans" which is the resulting typeface used.
> see:
> This CL avoid to use that fallback logic. Instead, we rely on
> the FontList behavior to use the default system font with the default
> constructor.
> R=​
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