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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "chrome/browser/banners/app_banner_manager.h"
#include "chrome/browser/devtools/devtools_window.h"
#include "chrome/browser/extensions/extension_commands_global_registry.h"
#include "chrome/browser/extensions/extension_keybinding_registry.h"
#include "chrome/browser/metrics/browser_window_histogram_helper.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/browser.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/browser_window.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/exclusive_access/exclusive_access_context.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/tabs/tab_strip_model_observer.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/exclusive_access_bubble_views_context.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/extensions/extension_keybinding_registry_views.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/frame/browser_frame.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/frame/contents_web_view.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/frame/immersive_mode_controller.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/frame/top_controls_slide_controller.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/frame/web_contents_close_handler.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/load_complete_listener.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/tabs/tab.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/tabs/tab_renderer_data.h"
#include "chrome/common/buildflags.h"
#include "components/infobars/core/infobar_container.h"
#include "ui/base/accelerators/accelerator.h"
#include "ui/base/models/simple_menu_model.h"
#include "ui/gfx/native_widget_types.h"
#include "ui/views/controls/button/button.h"
#include "ui/views/controls/webview/unhandled_keyboard_event_handler.h"
#include "ui/views/widget/widget_delegate.h"
#include "ui/views/widget/widget_observer.h"
#include "ui/views/window/client_view.h"
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/intent_picker_bubble_view.h"
#endif // defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/feature_promos/reopen_tab_promo_controller.h"
// NOTE: For more information about the objects and files in this directory,
// view:
class BookmarkBarView;
class Browser;
class BrowserViewLayout;
class ContentsLayoutManager;
class DownloadShelfView;
class ExclusiveAccessBubbleViews;
class FullscreenControlHost;
class InfoBarContainerView;
class LocationBarView;
class StatusBubbleViews;
class TabStrip;
class ToolbarButtonProvider;
class ToolbarView;
class TopContainerView;
class TopControlsSlideControllerTest;
class WebContentsCloseHandler;
namespace extensions {
class ActiveTabPermissionGranter;
class Command;
class Extension;
namespace version_info {
enum class Channel;
namespace views {
class ExternalFocusTracker;
class WebView;
// BrowserView
// A ClientView subclass that provides the contents of a browser window,
// including the TabStrip, toolbars, download shelves, the content area etc.
class BrowserView : public BrowserWindow,
public TabStripModelObserver,
public ui::AcceleratorProvider,
public views::WidgetDelegate,
public views::WidgetObserver,
public views::ClientView,
public infobars::InfoBarContainer::Delegate,
public LoadCompleteListener::Delegate,
public ExclusiveAccessContext,
public ExclusiveAccessBubbleViewsContext,
public extensions::ExtensionKeybindingRegistry::Delegate,
public ImmersiveModeController::Observer,
public banners::AppBannerManager::Observer {
// The browser view's class name.
static const char kViewClassName[];
explicit BrowserView(std::unique_ptr<Browser> browser);
~BrowserView() override;
void set_frame(BrowserFrame* frame) { frame_ = frame; }
BrowserFrame* frame() const { return frame_; }
// Returns a pointer to the BrowserView* interface implementation (an
// instance of this object, typically) for a given native window, or null if
// there is no such association.
// Don't use this unless you only have a NativeWindow. In nearly all
// situations plumb through browser and use it.
static BrowserView* GetBrowserViewForNativeWindow(gfx::NativeWindow window);
// Returns the BrowserView used for the specified Browser.
static BrowserView* GetBrowserViewForBrowser(const Browser* browser);
// Paints a 1 device-pixel-thick horizontal line (regardless of device scale
// factor) at either the very bottom or very top of the interior of |bounds|,
// depending on |at_bottom|.
static void Paint1pxHorizontalLine(gfx::Canvas* canvas,
SkColor color,
const gfx::Rect& bounds,
bool at_bottom);
// After calling RevealTabStripIfNeeded(), there is normally a delay before
// the tabstrip is hidden. Tests can use this function to disable that delay
// (and hide immediately).
static void SetDisableRevealerDelayForTesting(bool disable);
// Returns a Browser instance of this view.
Browser* browser() { return browser_.get(); }
const Browser* browser() const { return browser_.get(); }
const TopControlsSlideController* top_controls_slide_controller() const {
return top_controls_slide_controller_.get();
// Initializes (or re-initializes) the status bubble. We try to only create
// the bubble once and re-use it for the life of the browser, but certain
// events (such as changing enabling/disabling Aero on Win) can force a need
// to change some of the bubble's creation parameters.
void InitStatusBubble();
// Returns the constraining bounding box that should be used to lay out the
// FindBar within. This is _not_ the size of the find bar, just the bounding
// box it should be laid out within. The coordinate system of the returned
// rect is in the coordinate system of the frame, since the FindBar is a child
// window.
gfx::Rect GetFindBarBoundingBox() const;
// Returns the preferred height of the TabStrip. Used to position the
// incognito avatar icon.
int GetTabStripHeight() const;
// Takes some view's origin (relative to this BrowserView) and offsets it such
// that it can be used as the source origin for seamlessly tiling the toolbar
// background image over that view.
gfx::Point OffsetPointForToolbarBackgroundImage(
const gfx::Point& point) const;
// Container for the tabstrip, toolbar, etc.
TopContainerView* top_container() { return top_container_; }
// Container for the web contents.
views::View* contents_container() { return contents_container_; }
// Accessor for the TabStrip.
TabStrip* tabstrip() { return tabstrip_; }
const TabStrip* tabstrip() const { return tabstrip_; }
// Accessor for the Toolbar.
ToolbarView* toolbar() { return toolbar_; }
// Bookmark bar may be null, for example for pop-ups.
BookmarkBarView* bookmark_bar() { return bookmark_bar_view_.get(); }
// Returns the do-nothing view which controls the z-order of the find bar
// widget relative to views which paint into layers and views which have an
// associated NativeView. The presence / visibility of this view is not
// indicative of the visibility of the find bar widget or even whether
// FindBarController is initialized.
View* find_bar_host_view() { return find_bar_host_view_; }
// Accessor for the InfobarContainer.
InfoBarContainerView* infobar_container() { return infobar_container_; }
// Accessor for the FullscreenExitBubbleViews.
ExclusiveAccessBubbleViews* exclusive_access_bubble() {
return exclusive_access_bubble_.get();
// Accessor for the contents WebView.
views::WebView* contents_web_view() { return contents_web_view_; }
// Returns true if various window components are visible.
bool IsTabStripVisible() const;
bool IsInfoBarVisible() const;
// Returns true if the profile associated with this Browser window is
// incognito.
bool IsIncognito() const;
// Returns true if the profile associated with this Browser window is
// a guest session.
bool IsGuestSession() const;
// Returns true if the profile associated with this Browser window is
// not incognito or a guest session.
bool IsRegularOrGuestSession() const;
// Provides the containing frame with the accelerator for the specified
// command id. This can be used to provide menu item shortcut hints etc.
// Returns true if an accelerator was found for the specified |cmd_id|, false
// otherwise.
bool GetAccelerator(int cmd_id, ui::Accelerator* accelerator) const;
// Returns true if the specificed |accelerator| is registered with this view.
bool IsAcceleratorRegistered(const ui::Accelerator& accelerator);
// Returns the active WebContents. Used by our NonClientView's
// TabIconView::TabContentsProvider implementations.
// TODO(beng): exposing this here is a bit bogus, since it's only used to
// determine loading state. It'd be nicer if we could change this to be
// bool IsSelectedTabLoading() const; or something like that. We could even
// move it to a WindowDelegate subclass.
content::WebContents* GetActiveWebContents() const;
// Returns true if the Browser object associated with this BrowserView is a
// tabbed-type window (i.e. a browser window, not an app or popup).
bool IsBrowserTypeNormal() const {
return browser_->is_type_tabbed();
// Returns true if the Browser object associated with this BrowserView is a
// for an installed hosted app.
bool IsBrowserTypeHostedApp() const;
// Returns true if the top browser controls (a.k.a. top-chrome UIs) are
// allowed to slide up and down with the gesture scrolls on the current tab's
// page.
bool IsTopControlsSlideBehaviorEnabled() const;
// Returns the current shown ratio of the top browser controls.
float GetTopControlsSlideBehaviorShownRatio() const;
// See ImmersiveModeController for description.
ImmersiveModeController* immersive_mode_controller() const {
return immersive_mode_controller_.get();
// Returns true if the view has been initialized.
bool initialized() const { return initialized_; }
// Restores the focused view. This is also used to set the initial focus
// when a new browser window is created.
void RestoreFocus();
// Called after the widget's fullscreen state is changed without going through
// FullscreenController. This method does any processing which was skipped.
void FullscreenStateChanged();
// Sets the button provider for this BrowserView. Must be called before
// InitViews() which sets the ToolbarView as the default button provider.
void SetToolbarButtonProvider(ToolbarButtonProvider* provider);
ToolbarButtonProvider* toolbar_button_provider() {
return toolbar_button_provider_;
// BrowserWindow:
void Show() override;
void ShowInactive() override;
void Hide() override;
bool IsVisible() const override;
void SetBounds(const gfx::Rect& bounds) override;
void Close() override;
void Activate() override;
void Deactivate() override;
bool IsActive() const override;
void FlashFrame(bool flash) override;
bool IsAlwaysOnTop() const override;
void SetAlwaysOnTop(bool always_on_top) override;
gfx::NativeWindow GetNativeWindow() const override;
void SetTopControlsShownRatio(content::WebContents* web_contents,
float ratio) override;
bool DoBrowserControlsShrinkRendererSize(
const content::WebContents* contents) const override;
int GetTopControlsHeight() const override;
void SetTopControlsGestureScrollInProgress(bool in_progress) override;
StatusBubble* GetStatusBubble() override;
void UpdateTitleBar() override;
void BookmarkBarStateChanged(
BookmarkBar::AnimateChangeType change_type) override;
void UpdateDevTools() override;
void UpdateLoadingAnimations(bool should_animate) override;
void SetStarredState(bool is_starred) override;
void SetTranslateIconToggled(bool is_lit) override;
void OnActiveTabChanged(content::WebContents* old_contents,
content::WebContents* new_contents,
int index,
int reason) override;
void OnTabDetached(content::WebContents* contents, bool was_active) override;
void OnTabRestored(int command_id) override;
void ZoomChangedForActiveTab(bool can_show_bubble) override;
gfx::Rect GetRestoredBounds() const override;
ui::WindowShowState GetRestoredState() const override;
gfx::Rect GetBounds() const override;
gfx::Size GetContentsSize() const override;
bool IsMaximized() const override;
bool IsMinimized() const override;
void Maximize() override;
void Minimize() override;
void Restore() override;
void EnterFullscreen(const GURL& url,
ExclusiveAccessBubbleType bubble_type) override;
void ExitFullscreen() override;
void UpdateExclusiveAccessExitBubbleContent(
const GURL& url,
ExclusiveAccessBubbleType bubble_type,
ExclusiveAccessBubbleHideCallback bubble_first_hide_callback,
bool force_update) override;
void OnExclusiveAccessUserInput() override;
bool ShouldHideUIForFullscreen() const override;
bool IsFullscreen() const override;
bool IsFullscreenBubbleVisible() const override;
PageActionIconContainer* GetPageActionIconContainer() override;
LocationBar* GetLocationBar() const override;
void SetFocusToLocationBar() override;
void UpdateReloadStopState(bool is_loading, bool force) override;
void UpdateToolbar(content::WebContents* contents) override;
void UpdateToolbarVisibility(bool visible, bool animate) override;
void ResetToolbarTabState(content::WebContents* contents) override;
void FocusToolbar() override;
ToolbarActionsBar* GetToolbarActionsBar() override;
void ToolbarSizeChanged(bool is_animating) override;
void TabDraggingStatusChanged(bool is_dragging) override;
void FocusAppMenu() override;
void FocusBookmarksToolbar() override;
void FocusInactivePopupForAccessibility() override;
void RotatePaneFocus(bool forwards) override;
void DestroyBrowser() override;
bool IsBookmarkBarVisible() const override;
bool IsBookmarkBarAnimating() const override;
bool IsTabStripEditable() const override;
bool IsToolbarVisible() const override;
bool IsToolbarShowing() const override;
void ShowUpdateChromeDialog() override;
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
void ShowIntentPickerBubble(
std::vector<IntentPickerBubbleView::AppInfo> app_info,
bool disable_stay_in_chrome,
IntentPickerResponse callback) override;
void SetIntentPickerViewVisibility(bool visible) override;
#endif // defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
void ShowBookmarkBubble(const GURL& url, bool already_bookmarked) override;
autofill::SaveCardBubbleView* ShowSaveCreditCardBubble(
content::WebContents* contents,
autofill::SaveCardBubbleController* controller,
bool is_user_gesture) override;
autofill::LocalCardMigrationBubble* ShowLocalCardMigrationBubble(
content::WebContents* contents,
autofill::LocalCardMigrationBubbleController* controller,
bool is_user_gesture) override;
ShowTranslateBubbleResult ShowTranslateBubble(
content::WebContents* contents,
translate::TranslateStep step,
const std::string& source_language,
const std::string& target_language,
translate::TranslateErrors::Type error_type,
bool is_user_gesture) override;
void ShowOneClickSigninConfirmation(
const base::string16& email,
base::OnceCallback<void(bool)> confirmed_callback) override;
// TODO(beng): Not an override, move somewhere else.
void SetDownloadShelfVisible(bool visible);
bool IsDownloadShelfVisible() const override;
DownloadShelf* GetDownloadShelf() override;
void ConfirmBrowserCloseWithPendingDownloads(
int download_count,
Browser::DownloadClosePreventionType dialog_type,
bool app_modal,
const base::Callback<void(bool)>& callback) override;
void UserChangedTheme() override;
void ShowAppMenu() override;
content::KeyboardEventProcessingResult PreHandleKeyboardEvent(
const content::NativeWebKeyboardEvent& event) override;
bool HandleKeyboardEvent(
const content::NativeWebKeyboardEvent& event) override;
void CutCopyPaste(int command_id) override;
FindBar* CreateFindBar() override;
web_modal::WebContentsModalDialogHost* GetWebContentsModalDialogHost()
void ShowHatsBubbleFromAppMenuButton() override;
void ShowAvatarBubbleFromAvatarButton(
AvatarBubbleMode mode,
const signin::ManageAccountsParams& manage_accounts_params,
signin_metrics::AccessPoint access_point,
bool is_source_keyboard) override;
int GetRenderViewHeightInsetWithDetachedBookmarkBar() override;
void ExecuteExtensionCommand(const extensions::Extension* extension,
const extensions::Command& command) override;
ExclusiveAccessContext* GetExclusiveAccessContext() override;
void ShowImeWarningBubble(
const extensions::Extension* extension,
const base::Callback<void(ImeWarningBubblePermissionStatus status)>&
callback) override;
std::string GetWorkspace() const override;
bool IsVisibleOnAllWorkspaces() const override;
void ShowEmojiPanel() override;
BookmarkBarView* GetBookmarkBarView() const;
LocationBarView* GetLocationBarView() const;
void ShowInProductHelpPromo(InProductHelpFeature iph_feature) override;
// TabStripModelObserver:
void OnTabStripModelChanged(
TabStripModel* tab_strip_model,
const TabStripModelChange& change,
const TabStripSelectionChange& selection) override;
void TabStripEmpty() override;
void WillCloseAllTabs(TabStripModel* tab_strip_model) override;
void CloseAllTabsStopped(TabStripModel* tab_strip_model,
CloseAllStoppedReason reason) override;
// ui::AcceleratorProvider:
bool GetAcceleratorForCommandId(int command_id,
ui::Accelerator* accelerator) const override;
// views::WidgetDelegate:
bool CanResize() const override;
bool CanMaximize() const override;
bool CanMinimize() const override;
bool CanActivate() const override;
base::string16 GetWindowTitle() const override;
base::string16 GetAccessibleWindowTitle() const override;
views::View* GetInitiallyFocusedView() override;
bool ShouldShowWindowTitle() const override;
gfx::ImageSkia GetWindowAppIcon() override;
gfx::ImageSkia GetWindowIcon() override;
bool ShouldShowWindowIcon() const override;
bool ExecuteWindowsCommand(int command_id) override;
std::string GetWindowName() const override;
void SaveWindowPlacement(const gfx::Rect& bounds,
ui::WindowShowState show_state) override;
bool GetSavedWindowPlacement(const views::Widget* widget,
gfx::Rect* bounds,
ui::WindowShowState* show_state) const override;
views::View* GetContentsView() override;
views::ClientView* CreateClientView(views::Widget* widget) override;
views::View* CreateOverlayView() override;
void OnWindowBeginUserBoundsChange() override;
void OnWindowEndUserBoundsChange() override;
void OnWidgetMove() override;
views::Widget* GetWidget() override;
const views::Widget* GetWidget() const override;
void GetAccessiblePanes(std::vector<View*>* panes) override;
// views::WidgetObserver:
void OnWidgetDestroying(views::Widget* widget) override;
void OnWidgetActivationChanged(views::Widget* widget, bool active) override;
// views::ClientView:
bool CanClose() override;
int NonClientHitTest(const gfx::Point& point) override;
gfx::Size GetMinimumSize() const override;
// infobars::InfoBarContainer::Delegate:
void InfoBarContainerStateChanged(bool is_animating) override;
// views::View:
const char* GetClassName() const override;
void Layout() override;
void OnGestureEvent(ui::GestureEvent* event) override;
void ViewHierarchyChanged(
const ViewHierarchyChangedDetails& details) override;
void PaintChildren(const views::PaintInfo& paint_info) override;
void OnBoundsChanged(const gfx::Rect& previous_bounds) override;
void ChildPreferredSizeChanged(View* child) override;
void GetAccessibleNodeData(ui::AXNodeData* node_data) override;
void OnThemeChanged() override;
// ui::AcceleratorTarget:
bool AcceleratorPressed(const ui::Accelerator& accelerator) override;
// ExclusiveAccessContext:
Profile* GetProfile() override;
void UpdateUIForTabFullscreen(TabFullscreenState state) override;
content::WebContents* GetActiveWebContents() override;
void HideDownloadShelf() override;
void UnhideDownloadShelf() override;
bool CanUserExitFullscreen() const override;
// ExclusiveAccessBubbleViewsContext:
ExclusiveAccessManager* GetExclusiveAccessManager() override;
views::Widget* GetBubbleAssociatedWidget() override;
ui::AcceleratorProvider* GetAcceleratorProvider() override;
gfx::NativeView GetBubbleParentView() const override;
gfx::Point GetCursorPointInParent() const override;
gfx::Rect GetClientAreaBoundsInScreen() const override;
bool IsImmersiveModeEnabled() const override;
gfx::Rect GetTopContainerBoundsInScreen() override;
void DestroyAnyExclusiveAccessBubble() override;
bool CanTriggerOnMouse() const override;
// extension::ExtensionKeybindingRegistry::Delegate:
extensions::ActiveTabPermissionGranter* GetActiveTabPermissionGranter()
// ImmersiveModeController::Observer:
void OnImmersiveRevealStarted() override;
void OnImmersiveRevealEnded() override;
void OnImmersiveFullscreenExited() override;
void OnImmersiveModeControllerDestroyed() override;
// banners::AppBannerManager::Observer:
void OnInstallabilityUpdated() override;
// Creates an accessible tab label for screen readers that includes the tab
// status for the given tab index. This takes the form of
// "Page title - Tab state".
base::string16 GetAccessibleTabLabel(bool include_app_name, int index) const;
// Testing interface:
views::View* GetContentsContainerForTest() { return contents_container_; }
views::WebView* GetDevToolsWebViewForTest() { return devtools_web_view_; }
FullscreenControlHost* fullscreen_control_host_for_test() {
return fullscreen_control_host_.get();
// Called by BrowserFrame during theme changes.
void NativeThemeUpdated(const ui::NativeTheme* theme);
// Gets the amount to vertically shift the placement of the icons on the
// bookmark bar so the icons appear centered relative to the views above and
// below them.
int GetBookmarkBarContentVerticalOffset() const;
// Do not friend BrowserViewLayout. Use the BrowserViewLayoutDelegate
// interface to keep these two classes decoupled and testable.
friend class BrowserViewLayoutDelegateImpl;
friend class TopControlsSlideControllerTest;
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(BrowserViewTest, BrowserView);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(BrowserViewTest, AccessibleWindowTitle);
// If the browser is in immersive full screen mode, it will reveal the
// tabstrip for a short duration. This is useful for shortcuts that perform
// tab navigations and need to give users a visual clue as to what tabs are
// affected.
void RevealTabStripIfNeeded();
// Constructs and initializes the child views.
void InitViews();
// Callback for the loading animation(s) associated with this view.
void LoadingAnimationCallback();
// LoadCompleteListener::Delegate implementation. Creates the JumpList after
// the first page load.
void OnLoadCompleted() override;
// Returns the BrowserViewLayout.
BrowserViewLayout* GetBrowserViewLayout() const;
// Returns the ContentsLayoutManager.
ContentsLayoutManager* GetContentsLayoutManager() const;
// Prepare to show the Bookmark Bar for the specified WebContents.
// Returns true if the Bookmark Bar can be shown (i.e. it's supported for this
// Browser type) and there should be a subsequent re-layout to show it.
// |contents| can be null.
bool MaybeShowBookmarkBar(content::WebContents* contents);
// Moves the bookmark bar view to the specified parent, which may be null,
// |this|, or |top_container_|. Ensures that |top_container_| stays in front
// of |bookmark_bar_view_|.
void SetBookmarkBarParent(views::View* new_parent);
// Prepare to show an Info Bar for the specified WebContents. Returns
// true if there is an Info Bar to show and one is supported for this Browser
// type, and there should be a subsequent re-layout to show it.
// |contents| can be null.
bool MaybeShowInfoBar(content::WebContents* contents);
// Updates devtools window for given contents. This method will show docked
// devtools window for inspected |web_contents| that has docked devtools
// and hide it for null or not inspected |web_contents|. It will also make
// sure devtools window size and position are restored for given tab.
// This method will not update actual DevTools WebContents, if not
// |update_devtools_web_contents|. In this case, manual update is required.
void UpdateDevToolsForContents(content::WebContents* web_contents,
bool update_devtools_web_contents);
// Updates various optional child Views, e.g. Bookmarks Bar, Info Bar or the
// Download Shelf in response to a change notification from the specified
// |contents|. |contents| can be null. In this case, all optional UI will be
// removed.
void UpdateUIForContents(content::WebContents* contents);
// Invoked to update the necessary things when our fullscreen state changes
// to |fullscreen|. On Windows this is invoked immediately when we toggle the
// full screen node_data. On Linux changing the fullscreen node_data is async,
// so we
// ask the window to change its fullscreen node_data, then when we get
// notification that it succeeded this method is invoked.
// If |url| is not empty, it is the URL of the page that requested fullscreen
// (via the fullscreen JS API).
// |bubble_type| determines what should be shown in the fullscreen exit
// bubble.
void ProcessFullscreen(bool fullscreen,
const GURL& url,
ExclusiveAccessBubbleType bubble_type);
// Returns whether immmersive fullscreen should replace fullscreen. This
// should only occur for "browser-fullscreen" for tabbed-typed windows (not
// for tab-fullscreen and not for app/popup type windows).
bool ShouldUseImmersiveFullscreenForUrl(const GURL& url) const;
// Copy the accelerator table from the app resources into something we can
// use.
void LoadAccelerators();
// Retrieves the command id for the specified Windows app command.
int GetCommandIDForAppCommandID(int app_command_id) const;
// Possibly records a user metrics action corresponding to the passed-in
// accelerator. Only implemented for Chrome OS, where we're interested in
// learning about how frequently the top-row keys are used.
void UpdateAcceleratorMetrics(const ui::Accelerator& accelerator,
int command_id);
// Calls |method| which is either WebContents::Cut, ::Copy, or ::Paste on
// the given WebContents, returning true if it consumed the event.
bool DoCutCopyPasteForWebContents(
content::WebContents* contents,
void (content::WebContents::*method)());
// Shows the next app-modal dialog box, if there is one to be shown, or moves
// an existing showing one to the front.
void ActivateAppModalDialog() const;
// Retrieves the chrome command id associated with |accelerator|. The function
// returns false if |accelerator| is unknown. Otherwise |command_id| will be
// set to the chrome command id defined in //chrome/app/chrome_command_ids.h.
bool FindCommandIdForAccelerator(const ui::Accelerator& accelerator,
int* command_id) const;
// Called by GetAccessibleWindowTitle, split out to make it testable.
base::string16 GetAccessibleWindowTitleForChannelAndProfile(
Profile* profile) const;
// Returns the amount of space between the bottom of the location bar to the
// bottom of the toolbar. This does not include the part of the toolbar that
// overlaps with the bookmark bar.
int GetBottomInsetOfLocationBarWithinToolbar() const;
// Reparents |top_container_| to be a child of |this| instead of
// |overlay_view_|.
void ReparentTopContainerForEndOfImmersive();
// Ensures that the correct focus order is set for child views, regardless of
// the actual child order.
void EnsureFocusOrder();
// Returns true when the window icon of this browser window can change based
// on the context. GetWindowIcon() method should return the same image if
// this returns false.
bool CanChangeWindowIcon() const;
// The BrowserFrame that hosts this view.
BrowserFrame* frame_ = nullptr;
// The Browser object we are associated with.
std::unique_ptr<Browser> browser_;
// BrowserView layout (LTR one is pictured here).
// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// | TopContainerView (top_container_) |
// | -------------------------------------------------------------- |
// | | Tabs (tabstrip_) | |
// | |------------------------------------------------------------| |
// | | Navigation buttons, address bar, menu (toolbar_) | |
// | -------------------------------------------------------------- |
// |------------------------------------------------------------------|
// | All infobars (infobar_container_) [1] |
// |------------------------------------------------------------------|
// | Bookmarks (bookmark_bar_view_) [1] |
// |------------------------------------------------------------------|
// | Contents container (contents_container_) |
// | -------------------------------------------------------------- |
// | | devtools_web_view_ | |
// | |------------------------------------------------------------| |
// | | contents_web_view_ | |
// | -------------------------------------------------------------- |
// |------------------------------------------------------------------|
// | Active downloads (download_shelf_) |
// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// [1] The bookmark bar and info bar are swapped when on the new tab page.
// Additionally when the bookmark bar is detached, contents_container_ is
// positioned on top of the bar while the tab's contents are placed below
// the bar. This allows the find bar to always align with the top of
// contents_container_ regardless if there's bookmark or info bars.
// The view that manages the tab strip, toolbar, and sometimes the bookmark
// bar. Stacked top in the view hiearachy so it can be used to slide out
// the top views in immersive fullscreen.
TopContainerView* top_container_ = nullptr;
// The TabStrip.
TabStrip* tabstrip_ = nullptr;
// The Toolbar containing the navigation buttons, menus and the address bar.
ToolbarView* toolbar_ = nullptr;
// The OverlayView for the widget, which is used to host |top_container_|
// during immersive reveal.
std::unique_ptr<views::ViewTargeterDelegate> overlay_view_targeter_;
views::View* overlay_view_ = nullptr;
// The Bookmark Bar View for this window. Lazily created. May be null for
// non-tabbed browsers like popups. May not be visible.
std::unique_ptr<BookmarkBarView> bookmark_bar_view_;
// The do-nothing view which controls the z-order of the find bar widget
// relative to views which paint into layers and views with an associated
// NativeView.
View* find_bar_host_view_ = nullptr;
// The download shelf view (view at the bottom of the page).
std::unique_ptr<DownloadShelfView> download_shelf_;
// The InfoBarContainerView that contains InfoBars for the current tab.
InfoBarContainerView* infobar_container_ = nullptr;
// The view that contains the selected WebContents.
ContentsWebView* contents_web_view_ = nullptr;
// The view that contains devtools window for the selected WebContents.
views::WebView* devtools_web_view_ = nullptr;
// The view managing the devtools and contents positions.
// Handled by ContentsLayoutManager.
views::View* contents_container_ = nullptr;
// Provides access to the toolbar buttons this browser view uses. Buttons may
// appear in a hosted app frame or in a tabbed UI toolbar.
ToolbarButtonProvider* toolbar_button_provider_ = nullptr;
// Tracks and stores the last focused view which is not the
// devtools_web_view_ or any of its children. Used to restore focus once
// the devtools_web_view_ is hidden.
std::unique_ptr<views::ExternalFocusTracker> devtools_focus_tracker_;
// The Status information bubble that appears at the bottom of the window.
std::unique_ptr<StatusBubbleViews> status_bubble_;
// A mapping between accelerators and command IDs.
std::map<ui::Accelerator, int> accelerator_table_;
// True if we have already been initialized.
bool initialized_ = false;
// True if we're currently handling a theme change (i.e. inside
// OnThemeChanged()).
bool handling_theme_changed_ = false;
// True when in ProcessFullscreen(). The flag is used to avoid reentrance and
// to ignore requests to layout while in ProcessFullscreen() to reduce
// jankiness.
bool in_process_fullscreen_ = false;
// True if we're participating in a tab dragging process. The value can be
// true if the accociated browser is the dragged browser or the source browser
// that the drag tab(s) originates from. During tab dragging process, the
// dragged browser or the source browser's bounds may change, the fast resize
// strategy will be used to resize its web contents for smoother dragging.
bool in_tab_dragging_ = false;
std::unique_ptr<ExclusiveAccessBubbleViews> exclusive_access_bubble_;
#if defined(OS_WIN)
// Helper class to listen for completion of first page load.
std::unique_ptr<LoadCompleteListener> load_complete_listener_;
// The timer used to update frames for tab-loading animations.
base::RepeatingTimer loading_animation_timer_;
// Start timestamp for all throbbers. Set when |loading_animation_timer_|
// starts and used for all consecutive tabs (while any are loading) to keep
// throbbers in sync.
base::TimeTicks loading_animation_start_;
views::UnhandledKeyboardEventHandler unhandled_keyboard_event_handler_;
// Whether OnWidgetActivationChanged should RestoreFocus. If this is set and
// is true, OnWidgetActivationChanged will call RestoreFocus. This is set
// to true when not set in Show() so that RestoreFocus on activation only
// happens for very first Show() calls.
base::Optional<bool> restore_focus_on_activation_;
// This is non-null on Chrome OS only.
std::unique_ptr<TopControlsSlideController> top_controls_slide_controller_;
std::unique_ptr<ImmersiveModeController> immersive_mode_controller_;
std::unique_ptr<WebContentsCloseHandler> web_contents_close_handler_;
// The class that registers for keyboard shortcuts for extension commands.
std::unique_ptr<BrowserWindowHistogramHelper> histogram_helper_;
std::unique_ptr<FullscreenControlHost> fullscreen_control_host_;
ReopenTabPromoController reopen_tab_promo_controller_{this};
struct ResizeSession {
// The time when user started resizing the window.
base::TimeTicks begin_timestamp;
base::TimeTicks last_resize_timestamp;
// The number of times the window size is changed from the start (i.e. since
// begin_timestamp).
size_t step_count = 0;
base::Optional<ResizeSession> interactive_resize_;
mutable base::WeakPtrFactory<BrowserView> activate_modal_dialog_factory_{