Port BatteryMonitor into Device Service

This CL ports the BatteryMonitor Mojo interface from being hosted in
//content/browser to being hosted in the Device Service.

Of particular interest:

- Adds the ability for the Device Service to register interfaces in
  Java, taking the lead of //content/browser but being more simple as
  //content/browser is designed to allow an embedder to register
  such interfaces as well.
- Moves BatteryStatusService shutdown from BrowserMainLoop to the
  Device Service destructor. This has the concrete impact of moving
  this code to being called on Mojo shutdown, which is slightly earlier
  in BrowserMainLoop::ShutdownThreadsAndCleanUp() than it was
  previously being called.
- Eliminates the BatteryMonitorIntegration browsertests. These tests
  inject a dummy BatteryMonitor implementation and test that this
  dummy implementation is correctly exposed to the renderer. Injecting
  a dummy implementation into the Device Service from //content/browser
  is non-trivial, and the functionality being tested is already covered
  by the BatteryMonitorImpl browsertests, which remain.

BUG=678920, 680936
TEST=Visit http://pazguille.github.io/demo-battery-api/ and check that
     the information being displayed is correct.

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