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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/binding_set.h"
#include "net/cookies/cookie_store.h"
#include "services/network/public/interfaces/cookie_manager.mojom.h"
class GURL;
namespace network {
// Wrap a cookie store in an implementation of the mojo cookie interface.
// This is an IO thread object; all methods on this object must be called on
// the IO thread. Note that this does not restrict the locations from which
// mojo messages may be sent to the object.
class CookieManager : public network::mojom::CookieManager {
// Construct a CookieService that can serve mojo requests for the underlying
// cookie store. |*cookie_store| must outlive this object.
explicit CookieManager(net::CookieStore* cookie_store);
~CookieManager() override;
// Bind a cookie request to this object. Mojo messages
// coming through the associated pipe will be served by this object.
void AddRequest(network::mojom::CookieManagerRequest request);
// TODO(rdsmith): Add a verion of AddRequest that does renderer-appropriate
// security checks on bindings coming through that interface.
// mojom::CookieManager
void GetAllCookies(GetAllCookiesCallback callback) override;
void GetCookieList(const GURL& url,
const net::CookieOptions& cookie_options,
GetCookieListCallback callback) override;
void SetCanonicalCookie(const net::CanonicalCookie& cookie,
bool secure_source,
bool modify_http_only,
SetCanonicalCookieCallback callback) override;
void DeleteCookies(network::mojom::CookieDeletionFilterPtr filter,
DeleteCookiesCallback callback) override;
void RequestNotification(const GURL& url,
const std::string& name,
notification_pointer) override;
void RequestGlobalNotifications(network::mojom::CookieChangeNotificationPtr
notification_pointer) override;
void CloneInterface(
network::mojom::CookieManagerRequest new_interface) override;
uint32_t GetClientsBoundForTesting() const { return bindings_.size(); }
uint32_t GetNotificationsBoundForTesting() const {
return notifications_registered_.size();
struct NotificationRegistration {
// Owns the callback registration in the store.
std::unique_ptr<net::CookieStore::CookieChangedSubscription> subscription;
// Pointer on which to send notifications.
network::mojom::CookieChangeNotificationPtr notification_pointer;
// Used to hook callbacks
void CookieChanged(NotificationRegistration* registration,
const net::CanonicalCookie& cookie,
net::CookieStore::ChangeCause cause);
// Handles connection errors on notification pipes.
void NotificationPipeBroken(NotificationRegistration* registration);
net::CookieStore* const cookie_store_;
mojo::BindingSet<network::mojom::CookieManager> bindings_;
} // namespace network