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$ git log ce4336c2a..e2381829e --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-02-05 marpan vp8: Limit Q change for screen content CBR mode
2019-02-08 jianj Test decode and find mismatch in vp9 svc example encoder.
2019-02-08 jianj vp9: ML var partition as speed feature & cleanup.
2019-02-11 marpan vp8: Fix condition for update of last_pred_err_mb
2019-02-08 jianj refactor vp9 svc example encoder.
2019-02-08 jianj vp9 svc example encoder accept -o (--output) for output.
2019-02-07 kyslov Fixing ClangTidy issues reported by downstream integration
2019-02-07 jianj vp9: Write height and width to ivf header in SVC example encoder.
2019-02-06 huisu Refactor the model for rect partition pruning
2019-02-06 yaowu Use wide integer to avoid overflow
2019-02-05 angiebird Add tpl_bsize to VP9_COMP
2019-02-05 angiebird Compute future_rd_diff in predict_mv_mode

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