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<p>This test verifies that a button that receives a mouse down event does not receive
a corresponding mouse up event when the mouse up happens outside the button.
<p>If the test passes, you'll see a PASS message below.
<p>To run this test in Safari:
<li>Mouse down inside the button.</li>
<li>Move the mouse outside the button.</li>
<li>Mouse up.</li>
<input type="button" value="button!" id="button">
<pre id="log">PASS: mouse up event did not fire</pre>
function main()
document.getElementById('button').addEventListener("mouseup", button_mouseUp, false);
if (window.testRunner)
if (window.eventSender) {
eventSender.mouseMoveTo(40, 20); // in button
eventSender.mouseMoveTo(40, 200); // outside button
function button_mouseUp()
document.getElementById('log').innerHTML = "FAIL: mouseup event fired\n";