Fixing ResourceType build dependencies

The mojo type ResourceType used the public resource_type.h
header without depending on the build target where that header
was declared. Depending directly on that target would
create a dependency cycle so a new "resource_type_header" target
was created.

The dependency cycle would have been:
//content/public/common:resource_type_bindings ->
//content/public/common:common ->
//content/public/app:both_sources ->
//content/public/common:common_sources ->
//content/public/common:interfaces ->
//content/public/common:resource_type_bindings ->

The exact error this fixes is:

ERROR at //out/Default/gen/content/public/common/resource_type.mojom-forward.h:35:11: Include not allowed.
It is not in any dependency of
The include file is in the target(s):
which should somehow be reachable.

Bug 938893

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