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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "ash/ash_export.h"
#include "ash/wm/lock_state_observer.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "services/viz/public/interfaces/compositing/video_detector_observer.mojom.h"
#include "ui/aura/client/window_types.h"
#include "ui/base/cursor/cursor_data.h"
#include "ui/base/ui_base_types.h"
namespace aura {
class Window;
namespace display {
class NativeDisplayDelegate;
class TouchTransformSetter;
namespace gfx {
class Point;
namespace ui {
enum class CursorSize;
namespace views {
class PointerWatcher;
enum class PointerWatcherEventTypes;
namespace ash {
class AcceleratorController;
class AshWindowTreeHost;
struct AshWindowTreeHostInitParams;
class KeyboardUI;
class RootWindowController;
class WindowCycleEventFilter;
class WindowResizer;
class WorkspaceEventHandler;
enum class Config;
enum class TaskSwitchSource;
namespace wm {
class TabletModeEventHandler;
class WindowState;
// Porting layer for Shell. This class contains the part of Shell that are
// different in classic ash and mus/mash.
class ASH_EXPORT ShellPort {
virtual ~ShellPort();
static ShellPort* Get();
static bool HasInstance() { return instance_ != nullptr; }
virtual void Shutdown();
virtual Config GetAshConfig() const = 0;
// If a system-modal dialog window is currently open, returns the ID of the
// system modal window container that contains the window.
// If no system-modal dialogs are open it returns -1.
int GetOpenSystemModalWindowContainerId();
// Returns true if a system-modal dialog window is currently open.
bool IsSystemModalWindowOpen();
// The return value from this is supplied to AshTouchTransformController; see
// it and TouchTransformSetter for details.
virtual std::unique_ptr<display::TouchTransformSetter>
CreateTouchTransformDelegate() = 0;
// For testing only: set simulation that a modal window is open
void SimulateModalWindowOpenForTesting(bool modal_window_open) {
simulate_modal_window_open_for_testing_ = modal_window_open;
// See aura::client::CursorClient for details on these.
virtual void LockCursor() = 0;
virtual void UnlockCursor() = 0;
virtual void ShowCursor() = 0;
virtual void HideCursor() = 0;
virtual void SetCursorSize(ui::CursorSize cursor_size) = 0;
virtual void SetGlobalOverrideCursor(
base::Optional<ui::CursorData> cursor) = 0;
virtual bool IsMouseEventsEnabled() = 0;
// Tells the window server to enable or disable whether the cursor is visible
// due to touch events. This is a separate bit that gets set automatically
// when there is a touch event or a mouse event, but some things in ash want
// to manually flip this bit.
// Fat interface for just ShellPortMash so we can conditionally access it
// from within //ash/magnifier/.
virtual void SetCursorTouchVisible(bool enabled) = 0;
// Shows the context menu for the wallpaper or shelf at |location_in_screen|.
void ShowContextMenu(const gfx::Point& location_in_screen,
ui::MenuSourceType source_type);
// Returns a WindowResizer to handle dragging. |next_window_resizer| is
// the next WindowResizer in the WindowResizer chain. This may return
// |next_window_resizer|.
virtual std::unique_ptr<WindowResizer> CreateDragWindowResizer(
std::unique_ptr<WindowResizer> next_window_resizer,
wm::WindowState* window_state) = 0;
virtual std::unique_ptr<WindowCycleEventFilter>
CreateWindowCycleEventFilter() = 0;
virtual std::unique_ptr<wm::TabletModeEventHandler>
CreateTabletModeEventHandler() = 0;
virtual std::unique_ptr<WorkspaceEventHandler> CreateWorkspaceEventHandler(
aura::Window* workspace_window) = 0;
// Creates the KeyboardUI. This is called early on.
virtual std::unique_ptr<KeyboardUI> CreateKeyboardUI() = 0;
// If |events| is PointerWatcherEventTypes::MOVES,
// PointerWatcher::OnPointerEventObserved() is called for pointer move events.
// If |events| is PointerWatcherEventTypes::DRAGS,
// PointerWatcher::OnPointerEventObserved() is called for pointer drag events.
// Requesting pointer moves or drags may incur a performance hit and should be
// avoided if possible.
virtual void AddPointerWatcher(views::PointerWatcher* watcher,
views::PointerWatcherEventTypes events) = 0;
virtual void RemovePointerWatcher(views::PointerWatcher* watcher) = 0;
// TODO: Move these back to LockStateController when that has been moved.
void OnLockStateEvent(LockStateObserver::EventType event);
void AddLockStateObserver(LockStateObserver* observer);
void RemoveLockStateObserver(LockStateObserver* observer);
// True if any touch points are down.
virtual bool IsTouchDown() = 0;
// TODO(jamescook): Remove this when VirtualKeyboardController has been moved.
virtual void ToggleIgnoreExternalKeyboard() = 0;
virtual void CreatePointerWatcherAdapter() = 0;
// Creates an AshWindowTreeHost. A return value of null results in a platform
// specific AshWindowTreeHost being created.
virtual std::unique_ptr<AshWindowTreeHost> CreateAshWindowTreeHost(
const AshWindowTreeHostInitParams& init_params) = 0;
// Called after the containers of |root_window_controller| have been created.
// Allows ShellPort to install any additional state on the containers.
virtual void OnCreatedRootWindowContainers(
RootWindowController* root_window_controller) = 0;
// Called any time the set up system modal and blocking containers needs to
// sent to the server.
virtual void UpdateSystemModalAndBlockingContainers() = 0;
// Adds an observer for viz::VideoDetector.
virtual void AddVideoDetectorObserver(
viz::mojom::VideoDetectorObserverPtr observer) = 0;
// Called after WindowTreeHostManager::InitHosts().
virtual void OnHostsInitialized() = 0;
virtual std::unique_ptr<display::NativeDisplayDelegate>
CreateNativeDisplayDelegate() = 0;
// Called during startup to create the AcceleratorController.
virtual std::unique_ptr<AcceleratorController>
CreateAcceleratorController() = 0;
friend class AcceleratorControllerTest;
friend class Shell;
static ShellPort* instance_;
base::ObserverList<LockStateObserver> lock_state_observers_;
bool simulate_modal_window_open_for_testing_ = false;
} // namespace ash
#endif // ASH_SHELL_PORT_H_