Prepare Chromium and Blink for ICU 59

ICU 59 uses char16_t as UChar instead of {wchar_t, uint16_t}.
As a result, char16_t is not compatible with char16 any more.
When constructing string16 from UnicodeString/UChar buffer, we need to
reinterpret_cast with a barrier (to avoid an anti-aliasing optimzation
by some compilers).

Add UnicodeStringToString16() to base/i18n that utilizes ICU 59-to-be's
helper for the casting regardless of anti-aliasing optimization.

And, refactor UnicodeString->string16->UTF8 string to UnicodeString->UTF8
in a few places.

For ICU C API "clients", UChar will be configured to be {wchar_t, uint16_t}
so that there's little to be changed.

This was tested with an ICU branch with char16_t as UChar.

TEST=trybots are all green.

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