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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "components/search_engines/template_url_id.h"
#include "components/webdata/common/web_database_table.h"
struct TemplateURLData;
class WebDatabase;
namespace sql {
class Statement;
} // namespace sql
// This class manages the |keywords| MetaTable within the SQLite database
// passed to the constructor. It expects the following schema:
// Note: The database stores time in seconds, UTC.
// keywords Most of the columns mirror that of a field in
// TemplateURLData. See that struct for more details.
// id
// short_name
// keyword
// favicon_url
// url
// safe_for_autoreplace
// originating_url
// date_created This column was added after we allowed keywords.
// Keywords created before we started tracking
// creation date have a value of 0 for this.
// usage_count
// input_encodings Semicolon separated list of supported input
// encodings, may be empty.
// suggest_url
// prepopulate_id See TemplateURLData::prepopulate_id.
// created_by_policy See TemplateURLData::created_by_policy. This was
// added in version 26.
// last_modified See TemplateURLData::last_modified. This was added
// in version 38.
// sync_guid See TemplateURLData::sync_guid. This was added in
// version 39.
// alternate_urls See TemplateURLData::alternate_urls. This was added
// in version 47.
// image_url See TemplateURLData::image_url. This was added in
// version 52.
// search_url_post_params See TemplateURLData::search_url_post_params. This
// was added in version 52.
// suggest_url_post_params See TemplateURLData::suggestions_url_post_params.
// This was added in version 52.
// image_url_post_params See TemplateURLData::image_url_post_params. This
// was added in version 52.
// new_tab_url See TemplateURLData::new_tab_url. This was added in
// version 53.
// This class also manages some fields in the |meta| table:
// Default Search Provider ID The id of the default search provider.
// Builtin Keyword Version The version of builtin keywords data.
class KeywordTable : public WebDatabaseTable {
enum OperationType {
typedef std::pair<OperationType, TemplateURLData> Operation;
typedef std::vector<Operation> Operations;
typedef std::vector<TemplateURLData> Keywords;
// Constants exposed for the benefit of test code:
static const char kDefaultSearchProviderKey[];
~KeywordTable() override;
// Retrieves the KeywordTable* owned by |database|.
static KeywordTable* FromWebDatabase(WebDatabase* db);
WebDatabaseTable::TypeKey GetTypeKey() const override;
bool CreateTablesIfNecessary() override;
bool IsSyncable() override;
bool MigrateToVersion(int version, bool* update_compatible_version) override;
// Performs an arbitrary number of Add/Remove/Update operations as a single
// transaction. This is provided for efficiency reasons: if the caller needs
// to perform a large number of operations, doing them in a single transaction
// instead of one-per-transaction can be dramatically more efficient.
bool PerformOperations(const Operations& operations);
// Loads the keywords into the specified vector. It's up to the caller to
// delete the returned objects.
// Returns true on success.
bool GetKeywords(Keywords* keywords);
// ID (TemplateURLData->id) of the default search provider.
bool SetDefaultSearchProviderID(int64_t id);
int64_t GetDefaultSearchProviderID();
// Version of the built-in keywords.
bool SetBuiltinKeywordVersion(int version);
int GetBuiltinKeywordVersion();
// Returns a comma-separated list of the keyword columns for the current
// version of the table.
static std::string GetKeywordColumns();
// Table migration functions.
bool MigrateToVersion53AddNewTabURLColumn();
bool MigrateToVersion59RemoveExtensionKeywords();
bool MigrateToVersion68RemoveShowInDefaultListColumn();
bool MigrateToVersion69AddLastVisitedColumn();
bool MigrateToVersion76RemoveInstantColumns();
bool MigrateToVersion77IncreaseTimePrecision();
friend class KeywordTableTest;
// NOTE: Since the table columns have changed in different versions, many
// functions below take a |table_version| argument which dictates which
// version number's column set to use.
// Fills |data| with the data in |s|. Returns false if we couldn't fill
// |data| for some reason, e.g. |s| tried to set one of the fields to an
// illegal value.
static bool GetKeywordDataFromStatement(const sql::Statement& s,
TemplateURLData* data);
// Adds a new keyword, updating the id field on success.
// Returns true if successful.
bool AddKeyword(const TemplateURLData& data);
// Removes the specified keyword.
// Returns true if successful.
bool RemoveKeyword(TemplateURLID id);
// Updates the database values for the specified url.
// Returns true on success.
bool UpdateKeyword(const TemplateURLData& data);
// Gets a string representation for keyword with id specified.
// Used to store its result in |meta| table or to compare with another
// keyword. Returns true on success, false otherwise.
bool GetKeywordAsString(TemplateURLID id,
const std::string& table_name,
std::string* result);