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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "build/chromeos_buildflags.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/vector2d.h"
#include "ui/ozone/platform/wayland/host/wayland_window.h"
#include "ui/platform_window/extensions/wayland_extension.h"
#include "ui/platform_window/wm/wm_move_loop_handler.h"
#include "ui/platform_window/wm/wm_move_resize_handler.h"
namespace ui {
class ShellSurfaceWrapper;
class WaylandToplevelWindow : public WaylandWindow,
public WmMoveResizeHandler,
public WmMoveLoopHandler,
public WaylandExtension {
WaylandToplevelWindow(PlatformWindowDelegate* delegate,
WaylandConnection* connection);
WaylandToplevelWindow(const WaylandToplevelWindow&) = delete;
WaylandToplevelWindow& operator=(const WaylandToplevelWindow&) = delete;
~WaylandToplevelWindow() override;
ShellSurfaceWrapper* shell_surface() const { return shell_surface_.get(); }
// Apply the bounds specified in the most recent configure event. This should
// be called after processing all pending events in the wayland connection.
void ApplyPendingBounds();
// WmMoveResizeHandler
void DispatchHostWindowDragMovement(
int hittest,
const gfx::Point& pointer_location_in_px) override;
// PlatformWindow
void Show(bool inactive) override;
void Hide() override;
bool IsVisible() const override;
void SetTitle(const base::string16& title) override;
void ToggleFullscreen() override;
void Maximize() override;
void Minimize() override;
void Restore() override;
PlatformWindowState GetPlatformWindowState() const override;
void SizeConstraintsChanged() override;
std::string GetWindowUniqueId() const override;
// SetUseNativeFrame and ShouldUseNativeFrame decide on
// xdg-decoration mode for a window.
void SetUseNativeFrame(bool use_native_frame) override;
bool ShouldUseNativeFrame() const override;
// WaylandWindow overrides:
void HandleSurfaceConfigure(int32_t widht,
int32_t height,
bool is_maximized,
bool is_fullscreen,
bool is_activated) override;
bool OnInitialize(PlatformWindowInitProperties properties) override;
bool IsActive() const override;
// WmMoveLoopHandler:
bool RunMoveLoop(const gfx::Vector2d& drag_offset) override;
void EndMoveLoop() override;
// WaylandExtension:
void StartWindowDraggingSessionIfNeeded() override;
void SetImmersiveFullscreenStatus(bool status) override;
void TriggerStateChanges();
void SetWindowState(PlatformWindowState state);
// Creates a surface window, which is visible as a main window.
bool CreateShellSurface();
WmMoveResizeHandler* AsWmMoveResizeHandler();
// Propagates the |min_size_| and |max_size_| to the ShellSurface.
void SetSizeConstraints();
void SetOrResetRestoredBounds();
// Initializes the aura-shell surface, in the case aura-shell EXO extension
// is available.
void InitializeAuraShellSurface();
// Set decoration mode for a window.
void SetDecorationMode();
// Wrappers around shell surface.
std::unique_ptr<ShellSurfaceWrapper> shell_surface_;
// These bounds attributes below have suffices that indicate units used.
// Wayland operates in DIP but the platform operates in physical pixels so
// our WaylandToplevelWindow is the link that has to translate the units. See
// also comments in the implementation.
// Bounds that will be applied when the window state is finalized. The window
// may get several configuration events that update the pending bounds, and
// only upon finalizing the state is the latest value stored as the current
// bounds via |ApplyPendingBounds|. Measured in DIP because updated in the
// handler that receives DIP from Wayland.
gfx::Rect pending_bounds_dip_;
// Contains the current state of the window.
PlatformWindowState state_;
// Contains the previous state of the window.
PlatformWindowState previous_state_;
bool is_active_ = false;
// Unique ID for this window. May be shared over non-Wayland IPC transports
// (e.g. mojo) to identify the window.
std::string window_unique_id_;
// Id of the chromium app passed through
// PlatformWindowInitProperties::wm_class_class. This is used by Wayland
// compositor to identify the app, unite it's windows into the same stack of
// windows and find *.desktop file to set various preferences including icons.
std::string wm_class_class_;
// Title of the ShellSurface.
base::string16 window_title_;
// Max and min sizes of the WaylandToplevelWindow window.
base::Optional<gfx::Size> min_size_;
base::Optional<gfx::Size> max_size_;
wl::Object<zaura_surface> aura_surface_;
// When use_native_frame is false, client-side decoration is set,
// e.g. lacros-browser.
// When use_native_frame is true, server-side decoration is set,
// e.g. lacros-taskmanager.
bool use_native_frame_ = false;
} // namespace ui