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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/run_loop.h"
#include "chrome/browser/page_load_metrics/metrics_web_contents_observer.h"
#include "chrome/browser/page_load_metrics/page_load_tracker.h"
#include "content/public/browser/render_frame_host.h"
namespace page_load_metrics {
class PageLoadMetricsTestWaiter
: public page_load_metrics::MetricsWebContentsObserver::TestingObserver {
// A bitvector to express which timing fields to match on.
enum class TimingField : int {
kFirstLayout = 1 << 0,
kFirstPaint = 1 << 1,
kFirstContentfulPaint = 1 << 2,
kFirstMeaningfulPaint = 1 << 3,
kDocumentWriteBlockReload = 1 << 4,
kLoadEvent = 1 << 5,
// kLoadTimingInfo waits for main frame timing info only.
kLoadTimingInfo = 1 << 6,
explicit PageLoadMetricsTestWaiter(content::WebContents* web_contents);
~PageLoadMetricsTestWaiter() override;
// Add a page-level expectation.
void AddPageExpectation(TimingField field);
// Add a subframe-level expectation.
void AddSubFrameExpectation(TimingField field);
// Add a minimum completed resource expectation.
void AddMinimumCompleteResourcesExpectation(
int expected_minimum_complete_resources);
// Add aggregate received resource bytes expectation.
void AddMinimumResourceBytesExpectation(int expected_minimum_resource_bytes);
// Whether the given TimingField was observed in the page.
bool DidObserveInPage(TimingField field) const;
// Waits for PageLoadMetrics events that match the fields set by the add
// expectation methods. All matching fields must be set to end this wait.
void Wait();
int64_t current_resource_bytes() const { return current_resource_bytes_; }
virtual bool ExpectationsSatisfied() const;
// Map of all resources loaded by the page, keyed by resource request id.
// Contains ongoing and completed resources. Contains only the most recent
// update (version) of the resource.
std::map<int, page_load_metrics::mojom::ResourceDataUpdatePtr>
// PageLoadMetricsObserver used by the PageLoadMetricsTestWaiter to observe
// metrics updates.
class WaiterMetricsObserver
: public page_load_metrics::PageLoadMetricsObserver {
// We use a WeakPtr to the PageLoadMetricsTestWaiter because |waiter| can be
// destroyed before this WaiterMetricsObserver.
explicit WaiterMetricsObserver(
base::WeakPtr<PageLoadMetricsTestWaiter> waiter);
~WaiterMetricsObserver() override;
void OnTimingUpdate(
content::RenderFrameHost* subframe_rfh,
const page_load_metrics::mojom::PageLoadTiming& timing,
const page_load_metrics::PageLoadExtraInfo& extra_info) override;
void OnLoadedResource(const page_load_metrics::ExtraRequestCompleteInfo&
extra_request_complete_info) override;
void OnResourceDataUseObserved(
const std::vector<page_load_metrics::mojom::ResourceDataUpdatePtr>&
resources) override;
const base::WeakPtr<PageLoadMetricsTestWaiter> waiter_;
// Manages a bitset of TimingFields.
class TimingFieldBitSet {
TimingFieldBitSet() {}
// Returns whether this bitset has all bits unset.
bool Empty() const { return bitmask_ == 0; }
// Returns whether this bitset has the given bit set.
bool IsSet(TimingField field) const {
return (bitmask_ & static_cast<int>(field)) != 0;
// Sets the bit for the given |field|.
void Set(TimingField field) { bitmask_ |= static_cast<int>(field); }
// Clears the bit for the given |field|.
void Clear(TimingField field) { bitmask_ &= ~static_cast<int>(field); }
// Merges bits set in |other| into this bitset.
void Merge(const TimingFieldBitSet& other) { bitmask_ |= other.bitmask_; }
// Clears all bits set in the |other| bitset.
void ClearMatching(const TimingFieldBitSet& other) {
bitmask_ &= ~other.bitmask_;
int bitmask_ = 0;
static bool IsPageLevelField(TimingField field);
static TimingFieldBitSet GetMatchedBits(
const page_load_metrics::mojom::PageLoadTiming& timing,
const page_load_metrics::mojom::PageLoadMetadata& metadata);
// Updates observed page fields when a timing update is received by the
// MetricsWebContentsObserver. Stops waiting if expectations are satsfied
// after update.
void OnTimingUpdated(content::RenderFrameHost* subframe_rfh,
const page_load_metrics::mojom::PageLoadTiming& timing,
const page_load_metrics::PageLoadExtraInfo& extra_info);
// Updates observed page fields when a resource load is observed by
// MetricsWebContentsObserver. Stops waiting if expectations are satsfied
// after update.
void OnLoadedResource(const page_load_metrics::ExtraRequestCompleteInfo&
// Updates resource map and associated data counters as updates are received
// from a resource load. Stops waiting if expectations are satisfied after
// update.
void OnResourceDataUseObserved(
const std::vector<page_load_metrics::mojom::ResourceDataUpdatePtr>&
void OnTrackerCreated(page_load_metrics::PageLoadTracker* tracker) override;
void OnCommit(page_load_metrics::PageLoadTracker* tracker) override;
bool ResourceUseExpectationsSatisfied() const;
std::unique_ptr<base::RunLoop> run_loop_;
TimingFieldBitSet page_expected_fields_;
TimingFieldBitSet subframe_expected_fields_;
TimingFieldBitSet observed_page_fields_;
int current_complete_resources_ = 0;
int64_t current_resource_bytes_ = 0;
int expected_minimum_complete_resources_ = 0;
int expected_minimum_resource_bytes_ = 0;
bool attach_on_tracker_creation_ = false;
bool did_add_observer_ = false;
base::WeakPtrFactory<PageLoadMetricsTestWaiter> weak_factory_;
} // namespace page_load_metrics