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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
var Event = require('event_bindings').Event;
var sendRequest = require('sendRequest').sendRequest;
var validate = require('schemaUtils').validate;
function extendSchema(schema) {
var extendedSchema = $Array.slice(schema);
$Array.unshift(extendedSchema, {'type': 'string'});
return extendedSchema;
// TODO(devlin): Maybe find a way to combine this and ContentSetting.
function ChromeSetting(prefKey, valueSchema) {
this.get = function(details, callback) {
var getSchema = this.functionSchemas.get.definition.parameters;
validate([details, callback], getSchema);
return sendRequest('types.ChromeSetting.get',
[prefKey, details, callback],
this.set = function(details, callback) {
// The set schema included in the Schema object is generic, since it varies
// per-setting. However, this is only ever for a single setting, so we can
// enforce the types more thoroughly.
var rawSetSchema = this.functionSchemas.set.definition.parameters;
var rawSettingParam = rawSetSchema[0];
var props = $Object.assign({},;
props.value = valueSchema;
var modSettingParam = {
type: rawSettingParam.type,
properties: props,
var modSetSchema = $Array.slice(rawSetSchema);
modSetSchema[0] = modSettingParam;
validate([details, callback], modSetSchema);
return sendRequest('types.ChromeSetting.set',
[prefKey, details, callback],
this.clear = function(details, callback) {
var clearSchema = this.functionSchemas.clear.definition.parameters;
validate([details, callback], clearSchema);
return sendRequest('types.ChromeSetting.clear',
[prefKey, details, callback],
this.onChange = new Event('types.ChromeSetting.' + prefKey + '.onChange');
exports.$set('ChromeSetting', ChromeSetting);