Allow the dep cycle chrome/browser/extensions <-> api_registration

The generated api_registration files use a lot of headers
in chrome/browser/extensions, creating a dependency cycle.
I see no obvious way to break the cycle so this just makes
it official.

There were also a couple of files in chrome/browser/accessibility
which were used from api registration, creating an unpleasant
dependency. That was fixed by putting those files in extensions
instead of in chrome/browser.

The missing dependencies triggered a lot of gn errors with a gn fixed
to look at generated files (gn:57).

The list is about 60 reports like:

ERROR at //out/Default/gen/chrome/browser/extensions/api/ Include not allowed.
It is not in any dependency of
The include file is in the target(s):
which should somehow be reachable.

Bug: 655123
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