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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <atlbase.h>
#include <atlcom.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/file_path.h"
#include "base/string_number_conversions.h"
#include "base/stringprintf.h"
#include "base/utf_string_conversions.h"
#include "base/win/object_watcher.h"
#include "chrome_frame/test/chrome_frame_test_utils.h"
#include "chrome_frame/test/chrome_frame_ui_test_utils.h"
#include "chrome_frame/test/ie_event_sink.h"
#include "chrome_frame/test/test_server.h"
#include "chrome_frame/test/test_with_web_server.h"
#include "chrome_frame/test/win_event_receiver.h"
#include "testing/gmock/include/gmock/gmock.h"
#include "testing/gtest/include/gtest/gtest.h"
#include "third_party/xulrunner-sdk/win/include/accessibility/AccessibleEventId.h"
namespace chrome_frame_test {
// Convenience enum for specifying whether a load occurred in IE or CF.
enum LoadedInRenderer {
IN_IE = 0,
// This mocks an IEEventListener, providing methods for expecting certain
// sequences of events.
class MockIEEventSink : public IEEventListener {
MockIEEventSink() {
~MockIEEventSink() {
int reference_count = event_sink_->reference_count();
LOG_IF(ERROR, reference_count != 1)
<< "Event sink is still referenced externally: ref count = "
<< reference_count;
// Override IEEventListener methods.
MOCK_METHOD7(OnBeforeNavigate2, void (IDispatch* dispatch, // NOLINT
VARIANT* flags,
VARIANT* target_frame_name,
VARIANT* post_data,
VARIANT* headers,
VARIANT_BOOL* cancel));
MOCK_METHOD2(OnNavigateComplete2, void (IDispatch* dispatch, // NOLINT
VARIANT* url));
MOCK_METHOD5(OnNewWindow3, void (IDispatch** dispatch, // NOLINT
DWORD flags,
BSTR url_context,
BSTR url));
MOCK_METHOD2(OnNewWindow2, void (IDispatch** dispatch, // NOLINT
VARIANT_BOOL* cancel));
MOCK_METHOD5(OnNavigateError, void (IDispatch* dispatch, // NOLINT
VARIANT* frame_name,
VARIANT* status_code,
VARIANT* cancel));
MOCK_METHOD2(OnFileDownload, void (VARIANT_BOOL active_doc, // NOLINT
VARIANT_BOOL* cancel));
MOCK_METHOD0(OnQuit, void ()); // NOLINT
MOCK_METHOD1(OnLoadError, void (const wchar_t* url)); // NOLINT
MOCK_METHOD3(OnMessage, void (const wchar_t* message, // NOLINT
const wchar_t* origin,
const wchar_t* source));
MOCK_METHOD2(OnNewBrowserWindow, void (IDispatch* dispatch, // NOLINT
const wchar_t* url));
// Convenience OnLoad method which is called once when a page is loaded with
// |is_cf| set to whether the renderer is CF or not.
MOCK_METHOD2(OnLoad, void (bool is_cf, const wchar_t* url)); // NOLINT
// Attach |dispatch| to the event sink and begin listening to the source's
// events.
void Attach(IDispatch* dispatch) {
void Detach() {
// Expect a normal navigation to |url| to occur in CF or IE.
void ExpectNavigation(bool is_cf, const std::wstring& url);
// Similar as above, but should be used in cases where IE6 with CF may not
// generate an OnBeforeNavigate event during the navigation. This occurs
// during in-page navigation (via anchors), form submission,
// to target "self", and possibly others.
void ExpectNavigationOptionalBefore(bool is_cf, const std::wstring& url);
// Expect a navigation in a new window created by a call to |url|.
// |parent_cf| signifies whether the parent frame was loaded in CF, while
// |new_window_cf| signifies whether to expect the new page to be loaded in
// CF.
void ExpectJavascriptWindowOpenNavigation(bool parent_cf, bool new_window_cf,
const std::wstring& url);
// Expect a new window to open. The new event sink will be attached to
// |new_window_mock|.
void ExpectNewWindow(MockIEEventSink* new_window_mock);
// Expects any and all navigations.
void ExpectAnyNavigations();
void ExpectDocumentReadystate(int ready_state);
IEEventSink* event_sink() { return event_sink_; }
// Override IE's OnDocumentComplete to call our OnLoad, iff it is IE actually
// rendering the page.
virtual void OnDocumentComplete(IDispatch* dispatch, VARIANT* url);
// Override CF's OnLoad to call our OnLoad.
virtual void OnLoad(const wchar_t* url) {
OnLoad(IN_CF, url);
// Helper method for expecting navigations. |before_cardinality| specifies
// the cardinality for the BeforeNavigate expectation and
// |complete_cardinality| specifies the cardinality for the NavigateComplete
// expectation. Returns the set of expectations added.
// Note: Prefer making a new Expect... method before making this public.
testing::ExpectationSet ExpectNavigationCardinality(const std::wstring& url,
testing::Cardinality before_cardinality,
testing::Cardinality complete_cardinality);
// It may be necessary to create this on the heap. Otherwise, if the
// reference count is greater than zero, a debug assert will be triggered
// in the destructor. This happens at least when IE crashes. In that case,
// DispEventUnadvise and CoDisconnectObject are not sufficient to decrement
// the reference count.
// TODO(kkania): Investigate if the above is true.
CComObject<IEEventSink>* event_sink_;
// This mocks a PropertyNotifySinkListener, providing methods for
// expecting certain sequences of events.
class MockPropertyNotifySinkListener : public PropertyNotifySinkListener {
MockPropertyNotifySinkListener() : cookie_(0), sink_(NULL) {
~MockPropertyNotifySinkListener() {
LOG_IF(ERROR, sink_->m_dwRef != 1)
<< "Event sink is still referenced externally: ref count = "
<< sink_->m_dwRef;
// Override PropertyNotifySinkListener methods.
MOCK_METHOD1(OnChanged, void (DISPID dispid)); // NOLINT
bool Attach(IUnknown* obj) {
DCHECK_EQ(cookie_, 0UL);
HRESULT hr = AtlAdvise(obj, sink_->GetUnknown(), IID_IPropertyNotifySink,
if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) {
event_source_ = obj;
} else {
LOG(ERROR) << base::StringPrintf("AtlAdvise: 0x%08X", hr);
cookie_ = 0;
return SUCCEEDED(hr);
void Detach() {
if (event_source_) {
DCHECK_NE(cookie_, 0UL);
AtlUnadvise(event_source_, IID_IPropertyNotifySink, cookie_);
cookie_ = 0;
CComObject<PropertyNotifySinkImpl>* sink_;
DWORD cookie_;
base::win::ScopedComPtr<IUnknown> event_source_;
// Allows tests to observe when processes exit.
class MockObjectWatcherDelegate : public base::win::ObjectWatcher::Delegate {
// base::win::ObjectWatcher::Delegate implementation
MOCK_METHOD1(OnObjectSignaled, void (HANDLE process_handle)); // NOLINT
virtual ~MockObjectWatcherDelegate() {
// Would be nice to free them when OnObjectSignaled is called, too, but
// it doesn't seem worth it.
for (std::vector<HANDLE>::iterator it = process_handles_.begin();
it != process_handles_.end(); ++it) {
// Registers this instance to watch |process_handle| for termination.
void WatchProcess(HANDLE process_handle) {
object_watcher_.StartWatching(process_handle, this);
// Registers this instance to watch |hwnd|'s owning process for termination.
void WatchProcessForHwnd(HWND hwnd) {
DWORD pid = 0;
::GetWindowThreadProcessId(hwnd, &pid);
if (pid != 0) {
HANDLE process_handle = ::OpenProcess(SYNCHRONIZE, FALSE, pid);
if (process_handle != NULL) {
std::vector<HANDLE> process_handles_;
base::win::ObjectWatcher object_watcher_;
// Mocks a window observer so that tests can detect new windows.
class MockWindowObserver : public WindowObserver {
// WindowObserver implementation
MOCK_METHOD1(OnWindowOpen, void (HWND hwnd)); // NOLINT
MOCK_METHOD1(OnWindowClose, void (HWND hwnd)); // NOLINT
void WatchWindow(std::string caption_pattern, std::string class_pattern) {
window_watcher_.AddObserver(this, caption_pattern, class_pattern);
WindowWatchdog window_watcher_;
class MockAccEventObserver : public AccEventObserver {
MOCK_METHOD1(OnAccDocLoad, void (HWND)); // NOLINT
MOCK_METHOD3(OnAccValueChange, void (HWND, AccObject*, // NOLINT
const std::wstring&));
MOCK_METHOD1(OnMenuPopup, void (HWND)); // NOLINT
MOCK_METHOD2(OnTextCaretMoved, void (HWND, AccObject*)); // NOLINT
// This test fixture provides common methods needed for testing CF
// integration with IE. gMock is used to verify that IE is reporting correct
// navigational events and MockWebServer is used to verify that the correct
// requests are going out.
class MockIEEventSinkTest {
MockIEEventSinkTest(int port, const std::wstring& address,
const FilePath& root_dir);
~MockIEEventSinkTest() {
// Detach manually here so that it occurs before |last_resort_close_ie_|
// is destroyed.
// Launches IE as a COM server and sets |ie_mock_| as the event sink, then
// navigates to the given url. Then the timed message loop is run until
// |ie_mock_| receives OnQuit or the timeout is exceeded.
void LaunchIEAndNavigate(const std::wstring& url);
// Same as above but allows the timeout to be specified.
void LaunchIENavigateAndLoop(const std::wstring& url,
base::TimeDelta timeout);
// Returns the url for the test file given. |relative_path| should be
// relative to the test data directory.
std::wstring GetTestUrl(const std::wstring& relative_path);
// Returns the absolute FilePath for the test file given. |relative_path|
// should be relative to the test data directory.
FilePath GetTestFilePath(const std::wstring& relative_path);
// Returns the url for an html page just containing some text. Iff |use_cf|
// is true, the chrome_frame meta tag will be included too.
std::wstring GetSimplePageUrl() {
return GetTestUrl(L"simple.html");
// Returns the title of the html page at |GetSimplePageUrl()|.
std::wstring GetSimplePageTitle() {
return L"simple web page";
// Returns the url for an html page just containing one link to the simple
// page mentioned above.
std::wstring GetLinkPageUrl() {
return GetTestUrl(L"link.html");
// Returns the title of the html page at |GetLinkPageUrl()|.
std::wstring GetLinkPageTitle() {
return L"link";
// Returns the url for an html page containing several anchors pointing
// to different parts of the page. |index| specifies what fragment to
// append to the url. If zero, no fragment is appended. The highest fragment
// is #a4.
std::wstring GetAnchorPageUrl(int index) {
DCHECK_LT(index, 5);
std::wstring base_name = L"anchor.html";
if (index > 0)
base_name += std::wstring(L"#a") + base::IntToString16(index);
return GetTestUrl(base_name);
// Returns the title of the html page at |GetAnchorPageUrl()|.
std::wstring GetAnchorPageTitle() {
return L"Chrome Frame Test";
// Returns the url for an html page that will, when clicked, open a new window
// to |target|.
std::wstring GetWindowOpenUrl(const wchar_t* target) {
return GetTestUrl(std::wstring(L"window_open.html?").append(target));
// Returns the title of the html page at |GetWindowOpenUrl()|.
std::wstring GetWindowOpenTitle() {
return L"window open";
CloseIeAtEndOfScope last_resort_close_ie_;
chrome_frame_test::TimedMsgLoop loop_;
testing::StrictMock<MockIEEventSink> ie_mock_;
testing::StrictMock<MockWebServer> server_mock_;
scoped_refptr<HungCOMCallDetector> hung_call_detector_;
} // namespace chrome_frame_test