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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module content.mojom;
import "mojo/public/mojom/base/file_path.mojom";
import "mojo/public/mojom/base/string16.mojom";
import "mojo/public/mojom/base/values.mojom";
import "skia/public/mojom/bitmap.mojom";
import "third_party/blink/public/mojom/lcp_critical_path_predictor/lcp_critical_path_predictor.mojom"; // presubmit: ignore-long-line
import "third_party/blink/public/mojom/permissions/permission_status.mojom";
import "third_party/blink/public/mojom/webpreferences/web_preferences.mojom";
import "ui/gfx/geometry/mojom/geometry.mojom";
import "url/mojom/url.mojom";
struct WebTestRunTestConfiguration {
// The current working directory.
mojo_base.mojom.FilePath current_working_directory;
// The temporary directory of the system.
mojo_base.mojom.FilePath temp_path;
// The URL of the current web test.
url.mojom.Url test_url;
// True if tests can open external URLs.
bool allow_external_pages;
// The expected MD5 hash of the pixel results.
string expected_pixel_hash;
// Whether the test is supposed to run as a WPT print reftest.
bool wpt_print_mode;
// Whether the test is running in protocol mode.
// See TestInfo::protocol_mode in browser/web_test/test_info_extractor.h.
bool protocol_mode;
// Renderer-side generated test results.
struct WebTestRendererDumpResult {
// Audio dump.
array<uint8>? audio;
// Layout dump.
string? layout;
// Image dump.
skia.mojom.BitmapN32? pixels;
string actual_pixel_hash;
// Selection rect dump.
gfx.mojom.Rect selection_rect;
// Tasks in the work queue. TestRunner on the main window's process manages
// the queue, but TestRunner can migrate processes on navigations, so the queue
// is stored on the browser side.
// The work queue can be populated in the first page's loading on the main
// window's main frame, and gets frozen at the end of the loading.
// Work queues on non-main windows are frozen from the beginning, and can't
// add work items.
// Navigates backward/forward in history
struct WorkItemBackForward {
// Navigation distance. If |distance| is negative, navigates to backward.
int32 distance;
// Navigates a frame named |target| to |url|
struct WorkItemLoad {
string url;
// If |target| is empty, it means the main frame.
string target;
// Reloads
struct WorkItemReload {};
// Runs JavaScript code |script| which may trigger a navigation
struct WorkItemLoadingScript {
string script;
// Runs JavaScript code |script| which does not trigger navigations
struct WorkItemNonLoadingScript {
string script;
union WorkItem {
WorkItemBackForward back_forward;
WorkItemLoad load;
WorkItemReload reload;
WorkItemLoadingScript loading_script;
WorkItemNonLoadingScript non_loading_script;
// Web test messages sent from the browser process to the renderer. This
// interface is associated with RenderFrameHost.
interface WebTestRenderFrame {
// Performs the complete set of document lifecycle phases, including updates
// to the compositor state and rasterization, then calling the given callback.
SynchronouslyCompositeAfterTest() => ();
// Dumps the frame's contents into a string.
DumpFrameLayout() => (string frame_layout_dump);
// Sets the test config for a web test that is being started. This message
// is sent once to each `blink::WebView` that hosts parts of the main test
// window.
// `starting_test` indicates if this is the first call to this IPC method
// for the given test. After the initial call, this may be called for new
// `blink::WebView`s created to host frames for the main window, either as
// OOPIFs or to handle cross-site navigations.
SetTestConfiguration(WebTestRunTestConfiguration config, bool starting_test);
// Notifies a frame that has been navigated away. This is called only on main
// frames to remove the frame from TestRunner's management list.
// Notifies a frame that has been restored from backward/forward cache.
// This is called on main frames to add them to TestRunner's management list.
// Prevents a new test from being run by blocking parsing. Parsing will
// resume when StartTest is called.
// Notifies the frame that the browser has fully completed any
// potentially-renderer-visible changes it needed to make. The frame may now
// perform any initialization and start running the test.
// Sets up a renderer in a window other than the main test window. This may
// be for a window opened by javascript ( or by the test harness
// (devtools inspector). This should be called as early as possible (as soon
// as a RenderFrame has been created for this interface to be available) after
// the renderer process is created, for each process not tied to the main
// window.
// Used send flag changes to renderers - either when
// 1) broadcasting change happening in one renderer to all other renderers, or
// 2) sending accumulated changes to a single new renderer.
// Called on the renderer process with the main window's local main frame to
// conclude the test. Used to bounce this request from another renderer.
// Reset all state in preparation for the next test. This happens before
// leak detection in order for the test harness to drop anything that tests
// passed in and which could cause a leak otherwise.
// The flow is:
// - browser process detects test is finished
// - browser process initiates navigation to about:blank and waits for the
// document to commit.
// - browser process calls ResetRendererAfterWebTest() for the renderer
// process that about:blank committed in.
// Processes a work item. This is called for the process with the main
// window's main frame.
ProcessWorkItem(WorkItem work_item);
// Syncs the work queue states to the new renderer.
mojo_base.mojom.DictionaryValue work_queue_states);
// Web test messages sent from the renderer process to the browser. This
// provides a message pipe from each renderer to the global WebTestControlHost
// in the browser.
interface WebTestControlHost {
// Initialize to dump the main window's navigation history to text, and/or
// capture a text dump and/or a pixel dump of the main window's content.
// Includes any results generated by the renderer process.
InitiateCaptureDump(WebTestRendererDumpResult result,
bool capture_navigation_history,
bool capture_pixels);
// Sent by secondary test window to notify the test has finished.
// Add a message to stderr (not saved to expected output files, for debugging
// only).
PrintMessageToStderr(string message);
// Add a message.
PrintMessage(string message);
// Update changed WebKit preferences.
OverridePreferences(blink.mojom.WebPreferences web_preferences);
// Trigger a reload navigation on the main WebView.
// If the test will be closing its windows explicitly, and wants to look for
// leaks due to those windows closing incorrectly, it can specify this to
// avoid having them closed at the end of the test before the leak checker.
// Show or hide the window. This mimics the user switching tabs in a
// multi-tab window, or occluding the window.
SetMainWindowHidden(bool hidden);
// Trigger a GoToOffset navigation on the main WebView.
GoToOffset(int32 offset);
// Calls the BluetoothChooser::EventHandler with the arguments here. Valid
// event strings are:
// * "cancel" - simulates the user canceling the chooser.
// * "select" - simulates the user selecting a device whose device ID is in
// |argument|.
SendBluetoothManualChooserEvent(string event, string argument);
// If |enable| is true makes the Bluetooth chooser record its input and wait
// for instructions from the test program on how to proceed. Otherwise
// fall backs to the browser's default chooser.
SetBluetoothManualChooser(bool enable);
// Returns the events recorded since the last call to this function.
GetBluetoothManualChooserEvents() => (array<string> events);
// Manages the popup blocking setting to used for web tests.
SetPopupBlockingEnabled(bool block_popups);
// Trigger a loadURL navigation on the main WebView.
LoadURLForFrame(url.mojom.Url url, string frame_name);
// Simulate an orientation change in the browser process for the layout tests
// that request fullscreen on screen orientation change.
// Sets the permission for |name| to |status| when queried or requested in
// |origin| from |embedding_origin|.
SetPermission(string name,
blink.mojom.PermissionStatus status,
url.mojom.Url origin,
url.mojom.Url embedding_origin);
// Sets the cookie policy to:
// - allow all cookies when |block| is false
// - block only third-party cookies when |block| is true
BlockThirdPartyCookies(bool block);
// Returns the absolute path to a directory this test can write data in. This
// returns the path to a fresh empty directory for each test that calls this
// method, but repeatedly calling this from the same test will return the same
// directory.
GetWritableDirectory() => (mojo_base.mojom.FilePath path);
// For the duration of the current test this causes all file choosers to
// return the passed in |path|.
SetFilePathForMockFileDialog(mojo_base.mojom.FilePath path);
// Moves focus and active state to the secondary devtools window, which exists
// only in devtools JS tests.
// Sets the network service-global Trust Tokens key commitments.
// |raw_commitments| should be JSON-encoded according to the format expected
// by NetworkService::SetTrustTokenKeyCommitments.
SetTrustTokenKeyCommitments(string raw_commitments) => ();
// Clears all persistent Trust Tokens state.
ClearTrustTokenState() => ();
// Sets WebSQL quota size. If |quota| is the same to kDefaultDatabaseQuota,
// this resets quota to settings with a zero refresh interval to force
// QuotaManager to refresh settings immediately.
SetDatabaseQuota(int32 quota);
// Clears all WebSQL databases.
// Simulates a click on the notification.
// - |title|: the title of the notification.
// - |action_index|: indicates which action was clicked.
// - |reply|: indicates the user reply.
string title, int32 action_index, mojo_base.mojom.String16? reply);
// Simulates closing a titled web notification depending on the user
// click.
// - |title|: the title of the notification.
// - |by_user|: whether the user clicks the notification.
SimulateWebNotificationClose(string title, bool by_user);
// Simulates a user deleting a content index entry.
SimulateWebContentIndexDelete(string id);
// Notifies the browser that one of renderers has changed web test runtime
// flags (i.e. has set dump_as_text).
mojo_base.mojom.DictionaryValue changed_web_test_runtime_flags);
// Registers a new isolated filesystem with the given files, and returns the
// new filesystem id.
array<mojo_base.mojom.FilePath> file_paths) => (string filesystem_id);
// Drop pointer lock, or disallow a pending request.
// Set that the next pointer lock request will fail.
// Set that the next pointer lock request will not be processed immediately.
// A subsequent call for DropPointerLock or AllowPointerLock will come
// from the test at a later point.
// Allow a pending pointer lock request.
// Notifies the browser that a work item is enqueued.
WorkItemAdded(WorkItem work_item);
// Requests the browser to send a work item. If the work queue has N items,
// there will be N+1 calls to RequestWorkItem and N replies via
// WebTestRenderThread.ProcessWorkItem. The last RequestWorkItem sets
// |has_items| bit false, and is replied via
// WebTestRenderThread.ReplicateWorkQueueStates.
// Notifies the browser that the work queue states changed.
mojo_base.mojom.DictionaryValue changed_work_queue_states);
// Set Accept Languages via RendererPreferences on the WebContents.
SetAcceptLanguages(string accept_languages);
// Enable Auto Resize mode. This will cause a layout of the content and
// the new size will be determined by the renderer after it dispatches
// the resize event.
EnableAutoResize(gfx.mojom.Size min_size, gfx.mojom.Size max_size);
// Disable Auto Resize mode, resizing the contents to `new_size`.
DisableAutoResize(gfx.mojom.Size new_size);
// Web test messages sent from the renderer process to the browser.
// This provides a message pipe from each renderer to the global
// WebTestControlHost in the browser.
// This is very similar to WebTestControlHost, but the interface is not
// associated to the legacy IPC channel, so can be used from mojo JS binding
// directly.
interface NonAssociatedWebTestControlHost {
// Provide the specified LCPP navigation time hint to next navigation.
blink.mojom.LCPCriticalPathPredictorNavigationTimeHint hint);