tabdrag: Fix tabstrip layout when dragging out of a maximized window

When a tab is dragged out of a maximized window, the detached window is
created in restored state (ie: with different geometry) and tab drag
controller needs to adjust the window and dragged tabs' bounds (more
specifically x location), so that they appear under the pointer. That's
done at TabStrip::TabDragContextImpl::SetBoundsForDrag() function [2],
which calls into Views::SetBoundsRect() for each selected Tab view. It
turns out that it is not enough to ensure the tabstrip and its parent,
TabStripRegionView, get properly re-laid out, leading to issues like
[1], where the dragged tab gets partially or totally occluded by the
TabStripRegionView's child views.

To fix it, this CL adds layout invalidation for tab strip just after
setting bounds rect for each dragged tabs, ensuring both tab strip and
its parent views are correctly relaid out.

Bug: 1151092


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