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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// TODO(pennymac): Consider merging into base/win/PEImage. crbug/772168
#include <windows.h>
#include <limits>
#define LDR_IS_DATAFILE(handle) (((ULONG_PTR)(handle)) & (ULONG_PTR)1)
namespace pe_image_safe {
constexpr DWORD kPageSize = 4096;
constexpr DWORD kImageSizeNotSet = std::numeric_limits<DWORD>::max();
enum class ImageBitness { kUnknown, k32, k64 };
// This class is useful as scaffolding around an existing memory buffer, that
// should be a whole or partial Portable Executable (PE) image.
// - This class does NOT trust the contents of the given memory, and handles
// parsing in a safe manor.
// - The caller retains ownership of the given memory throughout use of this
// class. Do not free the memory while using an instance.
class PEImageSafe {
PEImageSafe(PEImageSafe&&) noexcept = default;
PEImageSafe& operator=(PEImageSafe&&) noexcept = default;
// The constructor does not do any parsing of the image buffer.
// Parsing only happens as needed, on demand, via the class methods.
// - As key points in the PE are discovered, they are saved internally for
// optimization.
// - |buffer_size| can represent a partial PE image, but |buffer| must
// reference the start of the PE to successfully parse anything.
PEImageSafe(BYTE* buffer, DWORD buffer_size)
: PEImageSafe(reinterpret_cast<void*>(buffer), buffer_size) {}
PEImageSafe(void* buffer, DWORD buffer_size) : image_size_(buffer_size) {
image_ = reinterpret_cast<HMODULE>(buffer);
// Some functions can only be used on images that have been memory mapped by
// the NT Loader (e.g. LoadLibrary). This constructor must be used to enable
// that functionality.
// - Note: If the mapped image size is not known (e.g. via LoadLibrary), pass
// kImageSizeNotSet for |buffer_size|. The value will be mined from the PE
// headers.
// - Note: Full load or LOAD_LIBRARY_AS_IMAGE_RESOURCE required.
// LOAD_LIBRARY_AS_DATAFILE* is not sufficient for some APIs.
PEImageSafe(HMODULE buffer, DWORD buffer_size)
: image_(buffer), image_size_(buffer_size) {
ldr_image_mapping_ = !LDR_IS_DATAFILE(buffer);
// Return a pointer to the PE Dos Header.
// - Returns null if the image buffer is too small or if the image is
// invalid.
// Return a pointer to the PE COFF File Header.
// - Returns null if the image buffer is too small or if the image is
// invalid.
// Return a pointer to the PE Optional Header.
// - Returns null if the image buffer is too small or if the image is
// invalid.
// - Based on GetImageBitness(), reinterpret the returned pointer to either
BYTE* GetOptionalHeader();
// Returns the bitness of this PE image.
// - Returns ImageBitness::Unknown if the image buffer is too small to
// determine, or if the image is invalid.
// - NOTE: PE header definitions are the same between 32 and 64-bit, right up
// until the |Magic| field in the Optional Header.
ImageBitness GetImageBitness();
// The following functions are currently only supported for PE images that
// have been memory mapped by NTLoader.
// Converts a Relative Virtual Address (RVA) to direct pointer.
// - If |rva| >= |image_size_|, returns nullptr.
void* RVAToAddr(DWORD rva);
// Returns the address of a given directory entry.
// - |directory| should be a Windows define from winnt.h
// - Reinterpret the returned pointer based on the directory requested.
// - Returns null if the image buffer is too small or if the image is
// invalid.
// - On success, |directory_size| will hold the value from
// IMAGE_DATA_DIRECTORY::Size. Pass null if size not wanted.
void* GetImageDirectoryEntryAddr(int directory, DWORD* directory_size);
// Small wrapper of GetImageDirectoryEntryAddr() to get a pointer to the
// Export Directory.
// - This function does not verify any fields inside the
// IMAGE_EXPORT_DIRECTORY, just that it is the expected size.
PEImageSafe(const PEImageSafe&) = delete;
PEImageSafe& operator=(const PEImageSafe&) = delete;
HMODULE image_ = nullptr;
DWORD image_size_ = 0;
ImageBitness bitness_ = ImageBitness::kUnknown;
PIMAGE_DOS_HEADER dos_header_ = nullptr;
PIMAGE_FILE_HEADER file_header_ = nullptr;
BYTE* opt_header_ = nullptr;
bool ldr_image_mapping_ = false;
PIMAGE_EXPORT_DIRECTORY export_dir_ = nullptr;
} // namespace pe_image_safe