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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "media/capabilities/learning_helper.h"
#include "media/learning/common/learning_task.h"
namespace media {
using learning::FeatureValue;
using learning::LabelledExample;
using learning::LearningTask;
using learning::TargetValue;
const char* kDroppedFrameRatioTaskName = "DroppedFrameRatioTask";
LearningHelper::LearningHelper() {
// Register a few learning tasks.
// We only do this here since we own the session. Normally, whatever creates
// the session would register all the learning tasks.
LearningTask dropped_frame_task(
kDroppedFrameRatioTaskName, LearningTask::Model::kExtraTrees,
{"width", ::media::learning::LearningTask::Ordering::kNumeric},
{"height", ::media::learning::LearningTask::Ordering::kNumeric},
{"frame_rate", ::media::learning::LearningTask::Ordering::kNumeric},
{"dropped_ratio", LearningTask::Ordering::kNumeric}));
// Enable hacky reporting of accuracy.
dropped_frame_task.uma_hacky_confusion_matrix =
LearningHelper::~LearningHelper() = default;
void LearningHelper::AppendStats(
const VideoDecodeStatsDB::VideoDescKey& video_key,
const VideoDecodeStatsDB::DecodeStatsEntry& new_stats) {
// If no frames were recorded, then do nothing.
if (new_stats.frames_decoded == 0)
// Sanity.
if (new_stats.frames_dropped > new_stats.frames_decoded)
// Add a training example for |new_stats|.
LabelledExample example;
// Extract features from |video_key|.
// TODO(liberato): Other features?
// Record the ratio of dropped frames to non-dropped frames. Weight this
// example by the total number of frames, since we want to predict the
// aggregate dropped frames ratio. That lets us compare with the current
// implementation directly.
// It's also not clear that we want to do this; we might want to weight each
// playback equally and predict the dropped frame ratio. For example, if
// there is a dependence on video length, then it's unclear that weighting
// the examples is the right thing to do.
example.target_value = TargetValue(
static_cast<double>(new_stats.frames_dropped) / new_stats.frames_decoded);
example.weight = new_stats.frames_decoded;
learning_session_.AddExample(kDroppedFrameRatioTaskName, example);
} // namespace media