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// Copyright (c) 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "cc/paint/image_transfer_cache_entry.h"
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/numerics/checked_math.h"
#include "cc/paint/paint_op_reader.h"
#include "cc/paint/paint_op_writer.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/gpu/GrContext.h"
namespace cc {
const SkPixmap* pixmap,
const SkColorSpace* target_color_space)
: id_(s_next_id_.GetNext()),
target_color_space_(target_color_space) {
size_t target_color_space_size =
target_color_space ? target_color_space->writeToMemory(nullptr) : 0u;
size_t pixmap_color_space_size =
pixmap_->colorSpace() ? pixmap_->colorSpace()->writeToMemory(nullptr)
: 0u;
// Compute and cache the size of the data.
// We write the following:
// - Image color type (uint32_t)
// - Image width (uint32_t)
// - Image height (uint32_t)
// - Pixels size (uint32_t)
// - Pixels (variable)
base::CheckedNumeric<size_t> safe_size;
safe_size += sizeof(uint32_t); // color type
safe_size += sizeof(uint32_t); // width
safe_size += sizeof(uint32_t); // height
safe_size += sizeof(size_t); // pixels size
safe_size += pixmap_->computeByteSize();
safe_size += PaintOpWriter::HeaderBytes();
safe_size += target_color_space_size + sizeof(size_t);
safe_size += pixmap_color_space_size + sizeof(size_t);
size_ = safe_size.ValueOrDie();
ClientImageTransferCacheEntry::~ClientImageTransferCacheEntry() = default;
// static
base::AtomicSequenceNumber ClientImageTransferCacheEntry::s_next_id_;
size_t ClientImageTransferCacheEntry::SerializedSize() const {
return size_;
uint32_t ClientImageTransferCacheEntry::Id() const {
return id_;
bool ClientImageTransferCacheEntry::Serialize(base::span<uint8_t> data) const {
DCHECK_GE(data.size(), SerializedSize());
// We don't need to populate the SerializeOptions here since the writer is
// only used for serializing primitives.
PaintOp::SerializeOptions options(nullptr, nullptr, nullptr, nullptr, nullptr,
false, false, 0, 0, SkMatrix::I());
PaintOpWriter writer(, data.size(), options);
size_t pixmap_size = pixmap_->computeByteSize();
// TODO(enne): we should consider caching these in some form.
writer.WriteData(pixmap_size, pixmap_->addr());
if (writer.size() != data.size())
return false;
return true;
ServiceImageTransferCacheEntry::ServiceImageTransferCacheEntry() = default;
ServiceImageTransferCacheEntry::~ServiceImageTransferCacheEntry() = default;
ServiceImageTransferCacheEntry&& other) = default;
ServiceImageTransferCacheEntry& ServiceImageTransferCacheEntry::operator=(
ServiceImageTransferCacheEntry&& other) = default;
size_t ServiceImageTransferCacheEntry::CachedSize() const {
return size_;
bool ServiceImageTransferCacheEntry::Deserialize(
GrContext* context,
base::span<const uint8_t> data) {
// We don't need to populate the DeSerializeOptions here since the reader is
// only used for de-serializing primitives.
PaintOp::DeserializeOptions options(nullptr, nullptr);
PaintOpReader reader(, data.size(), options);
SkColorType color_type;
uint32_t width;
uint32_t height;
size_t pixel_size;
size_ = data.size();
sk_sp<SkColorSpace> pixmap_color_space;
sk_sp<SkColorSpace> target_color_space;
if (!reader.valid())
return false;
SkImageInfo image_info = SkImageInfo::Make(
width, height, color_type, kPremul_SkAlphaType, pixmap_color_space);
if (image_info.computeMinByteSize() > pixel_size)
return false;
const volatile void* pixel_data = reader.ExtractReadableMemory(pixel_size);
if (!reader.valid())
return false;
// Const-cast away the "volatile" on |pixel_data|. We specifically understand
// that a malicious caller may change our pixels under us, and are OK with
// this as the worst case scenario is visual corruption.
SkPixmap pixmap(image_info, const_cast<const void*>(pixel_data),
// Depending on whether the pixmap will fit in a GPU texture, either create
// a software or GPU SkImage.
uint32_t max_size = context->maxTextureSize();
bool fits_on_gpu = width <= max_size && height <= max_size;
if (fits_on_gpu) {
sk_sp<SkImage> image = SkImage::MakeFromRaster(pixmap, nullptr, nullptr);
if (!image)
return false;
image_ = image->makeTextureImage(context, nullptr);
if (!image_)
return false;
if (target_color_space) {
image_ = image_->makeColorSpace(target_color_space,
} else {
sk_sp<SkImage> original =
SkImage::MakeFromRaster(pixmap, [](const void*, void*) {}, nullptr);
if (!original)
return false;
if (target_color_space) {
image_ = original->makeColorSpace(target_color_space,
// If color space conversion is a noop, use original data.
if (image_ == original)
image_ = SkImage::MakeRasterCopy(pixmap);
} else {
// No color conversion to do, use original data.
image_ = SkImage::MakeRasterCopy(pixmap);
// TODO(enne): consider adding in the DeleteSkImageAndPreventCaching
// optimization from GpuImageDecodeCache where we forcefully remove the
// intermediate from Skia's cache.
return !!image_;
} // namespace cc