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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "base/callback_forward.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "content/browser/background_sync/background_sync_manager.h"
#include "content/browser/service_worker/service_worker_storage.h"
namespace base {
class TimeDelta;
namespace url {
class Origin;
namespace content {
struct BackgroundSyncParameters;
class ServiceWorkerContextWrapper;
class ServiceWorkerVersion;
// A BackgroundSyncManager for use in unit tests. This class provides control
// over internal behavior and state, to allow tests to simulate various
// scenarios. Examples include (but are not limited to):
// - Delaying and corrupting the backend storage.
// - Controlling the firing of service worker onsync events.
// - Setting the network state
class TestBackgroundSyncManager : public BackgroundSyncManager {
using DispatchSyncCallback =
explicit TestBackgroundSyncManager(
scoped_refptr<ServiceWorkerContextWrapper> service_worker_context);
~TestBackgroundSyncManager() override;
// Force a call to the internal Init() method.
void DoInit();
// Resume any delayed backend operation.
void ResumeBackendOperation();
// Clear the delayed task if it exists. Delayed tasks are tasks posted with a
// delay to trigger the BackgroundSyncManager to try firing its sync events
// again.
void ClearDelayedTask();
// Determine whether backend operations succeed or fail due to
// corruption.
void set_corrupt_backend(bool corrupt_backend) {
corrupt_backend_ = corrupt_backend;
// Delay backend operations until explicitly resumed by calling
// ResumeBackendOperation().
void set_delay_backend(bool delay_backend) { delay_backend_ = delay_backend; }
// Set a callback for when the sync event is dispatched, so tests can observe
// when the event happens.
void set_dispatch_sync_callback(const DispatchSyncCallback& callback) {
dispatch_sync_callback_ = callback;
// Sets the response to checks for a main frame for register attempts.
void set_has_main_frame_provider_host(bool value) {
has_main_frame_provider_host_ = value;
bool IsDelayedTaskScheduled() const { return !delayed_task_.is_null(); }
void RunDelayedTask() { std::move(delayed_task_).Run(); }
// Accessors to internal state
base::TimeDelta delayed_task_delta() const { return delayed_task_delta_; }
bool last_chance() const { return last_chance_; }
const BackgroundSyncParameters* background_sync_parameters() const {
return parameters_.get();
// Override to allow delays to be injected by tests.
void StoreDataInBackend(
int64_t sw_registration_id,
const url::Origin& origin,
const std::string& key,
const std::string& data,
ServiceWorkerStorage::StatusCallback callback) override;
// Override to allow delays to be injected by tests.
void GetDataFromBackend(
const std::string& key,
ServiceWorkerStorage::GetUserDataForAllRegistrationsCallback callback)
// Override to avoid actual dispatching of the event, just call the provided
// callback instead.
void DispatchSyncEvent(
const std::string& tag,
scoped_refptr<ServiceWorkerVersion> active_version,
bool last_chance,
ServiceWorkerVersion::StatusCallback callback) override;
// Override to just store delayed task, and allow tests to control the clock
// and when delayed tasks are executed.
void ScheduleDelayedTask(base::OnceClosure callback,
base::TimeDelta delay) override;
// Override to avoid actual check for main frame, instead return the value set
// by tests.
void HasMainFrameProviderHost(const url::Origin& origin,
BoolCallback callback) override;
// Callback to resume the StoreDataInBackend operation, after explicit
// delays injected by tests.
void StoreDataInBackendContinue(
int64_t sw_registration_id,
const url::Origin& origin,
const std::string& key,
const std::string& data,
ServiceWorkerStorage::StatusCallback callback);
// Callback to resume the GetDataFromBackend operation, after explicit delays
// injected by tests.
void GetDataFromBackendContinue(
const std::string& key,
ServiceWorkerStorage::GetUserDataForAllRegistrationsCallback callback);
bool corrupt_backend_ = false;
bool delay_backend_ = false;
bool has_main_frame_provider_host_ = true;
bool last_chance_ = false;
base::OnceClosure continuation_;
DispatchSyncCallback dispatch_sync_callback_;
base::OnceClosure delayed_task_;
base::TimeDelta delayed_task_delta_;
} // namespace content