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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/callback_forward.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/threading/thread_checker.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "remoting/protocol/network_settings.h"
#include "remoting/protocol/transport.h"
// TODO(zhihuang):Replace #include by forward declaration once proper
// inheritance is defined for cricket::IceTransportInternal and
// cricket::P2PTransportChannel.
#include "third_party/webrtc/p2p/base/ice_transport_internal.h"
// TODO(johan): Replace #include by forward declaration once proper inheritance
// is defined for rtc::PacketTransportInterface and cricket::TransportChannel.
#include "third_party/webrtc/p2p/base/packet_transport_interface.h"
#include "third_party/webrtc/rtc_base/third_party/sigslot/sigslot.h"
namespace cricket {
class Candidate;
class P2PTransportChannel;
class PortAllocator;
} // namespace cricket
namespace remoting {
namespace protocol {
class P2PDatagramSocket;
class TransportContext;
class IceTransportChannel : public sigslot::has_slots<> {
class Delegate {
Delegate() {}
virtual ~Delegate() {}
// Called to pass ICE credentials to the session. Used only for STANDARD
// version of ICE, see SetIceVersion().
virtual void OnChannelIceCredentials(IceTransportChannel* transport,
const std::string& ufrag,
const std::string& password) = 0;
// Called when the transport generates a new candidate that needs
// to be passed to the AddRemoteCandidate() method on the remote
// end of the connection.
virtual void OnChannelCandidate(IceTransportChannel* transport,
const cricket::Candidate& candidate) = 0;
// Called when transport route changes. Can be called even before
// the transport is connected.
virtual void OnChannelRouteChange(IceTransportChannel* transport,
const TransportRoute& route) = 0;
// Called when when the channel has failed to connect or reconnect.
virtual void OnChannelFailed(IceTransportChannel* transport) = 0;
// Called when the channel is about to be deleted.
virtual void OnChannelDeleted(IceTransportChannel* transport) = 0;
typedef base::Callback<void(std::unique_ptr<P2PDatagramSocket>)>
explicit IceTransportChannel(
scoped_refptr<TransportContext> transport_context);
~IceTransportChannel() override;
// Connects the channel and calls the |callback| after that.
void Connect(const std::string& name,
Delegate* delegate,
const ConnectedCallback& callback);
// Sets remote ICE credentials.
void SetRemoteCredentials(const std::string& ufrag,
const std::string& password);
// Adds |candidate| received from the peer.
void AddRemoteCandidate(const cricket::Candidate& candidate);
// Name of the channel. Used to identify the channel and disambiguate
// candidates it generates from candidates generated by parallel connections.
const std::string& name() const;
// Returns true if the channel is already connected.
bool is_connected() const;
void OnPortAllocatorCreated(
std::unique_ptr<cricket::PortAllocator> port_allocator);
void NotifyConnected();
// Signal handlers for cricket::IceTransportInternal.
void OnCandidateGathered(cricket::IceTransportInternal* ice_transport,
const cricket::Candidate& candidate);
void OnRouteChange(cricket::IceTransportInternal* ice_transport,
const cricket::Candidate& candidate);
void OnWritableState(rtc::PacketTransportInterface* transport);
// Callback for TransportChannelSocketAdapter to notify when the socket is
// destroyed.
void OnChannelDestroyed();
void NotifyRouteChanged();
// Tries to connect by restarting ICE. Called by |reconnect_timer_|.
void TryReconnect();
scoped_refptr<TransportContext> transport_context_;
std::string name_;
Delegate* delegate_ = nullptr;
ConnectedCallback callback_;
std::string ice_username_fragment_;
std::unique_ptr<cricket::PortAllocator> port_allocator_;
std::string remote_ice_username_fragment_;
std::string remote_ice_password_;
std::list<cricket::Candidate> pending_candidates_;
std::unique_ptr<cricket::P2PTransportChannel> channel_;
int connect_attempts_left_;
base::RepeatingTimer reconnect_timer_;
base::ThreadChecker thread_checker_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<IceTransportChannel> weak_factory_;
} // namespace protocol
} // namespace remoting