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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "media/formats/mp2t/ts_section_cat.h"
#include <vector>
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "media/base/bit_reader.h"
#include "media/formats/mp2t/descriptors.h"
#include "media/formats/mp2t/mp2t_common.h"
namespace media {
namespace mp2t {
const RegisterCencPidsCb& register_cenc_ids_cb,
const RegisterEncryptionModeCb& register_encryption_mode_cb)
: register_cenc_ids_cb_(register_cenc_ids_cb),
version_number_(-1) {}
TsSectionCat::~TsSectionCat() {}
bool TsSectionCat::ParsePsiSection(BitReader* bit_reader) {
// Read the fixed section length.
int table_id;
int section_syntax_indicator;
int dummy_zero;
int reserved;
int section_length;
int version_number;
int current_next_indicator;
int section_number;
int last_section_number;
RCHECK(bit_reader->ReadBits(8, &table_id));
RCHECK(bit_reader->ReadBits(1, &section_syntax_indicator));
RCHECK(bit_reader->ReadBits(1, &dummy_zero));
RCHECK(bit_reader->ReadBits(2, &reserved));
RCHECK(bit_reader->ReadBits(12, &section_length));
RCHECK(section_length >= 5);
RCHECK(section_length <= 1021);
RCHECK(bit_reader->ReadBits(18, &reserved));
RCHECK(bit_reader->ReadBits(5, &version_number));
RCHECK(bit_reader->ReadBits(1, &current_next_indicator));
RCHECK(bit_reader->ReadBits(8, &section_number));
RCHECK(bit_reader->ReadBits(8, &last_section_number));
section_length -= 5;
// Perform a few more verifications, including:
// - Table ID should be 1 for a CAT.
// - section_syntax_indicator should be one.
RCHECK(table_id == 0x1);
Descriptors descriptors;
int ca_pid, pssh_pid;
EncryptionMode mode;
RCHECK(descriptors.Read(bit_reader, section_length - 4));
RCHECK(descriptors.HasCADescriptorCenc(&ca_pid, &pssh_pid, &mode));
int crc32;
RCHECK(bit_reader->ReadBits(32, &crc32));
// Just ignore the CAT if not applicable yet.
if (!current_next_indicator) {
DVLOG(1) << "Not supported: received a CAT not applicable yet";
return true;
// Ignore the CAT if it hasn't changed.
if (version_number == version_number_)
return true;
// Can now register the PIDs and scheme.
register_cenc_ids_cb_.Run(ca_pid, pssh_pid);
version_number_ = version_number;
return true;
void TsSectionCat::ResetPsiSection() {
version_number_ = -1;
} // namespace mp2t
} // namespace media