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# Fuzzing dictionary for icc
# Extracted from lcms2.h of Little-CMS project.
# Base ICC type definitions
"mAB "
"mBA "
"sig "
"bfd "
"XYZ "
# Base ICC tag definitions
"bfd "
# ICC Technology tag
"CRT "
"PMD "
"AMD "
# ICC Color spaces
"XYZ "
"Lab "
"Luv "
"Yxy "
"RGB "
"HSV "
"HLS "
"CMY "
# ICC Profile Class
# ICC Platforms
"SGI "
# Reference gamut
# For cmsSigColorimetricIntentImageStateTag
# Multi process elements types
"l2x "
"x2l "
"ncl "
"2 4 "
"4 2 "
"idn "
"d2l "
"l2d "
"d2x "
"x2d "
# Types of CurveElements
# Used in ResponseCurveType
"DN "
"DN P"
"DNN "