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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <windows.h>
#include <winuser.h>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "base/containers/flat_map.h"
#include "base/containers/flat_set.h"
#include "base/sequenced_task_runner.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "ui/aura/aura_export.h"
#include "ui/aura/window.h"
#include "ui/aura/window_observer.h"
#include "ui/base/win/session_change_observer.h"
namespace aura {
// This class keeps track of whether any HWNDs are occluding any app windows.
// It notifies the host of any app window whose occlusion state changes. Most
// code should not need to use this; it's an implementation detail.
class AURA_EXPORT NativeWindowOcclusionTrackerWin : public WindowObserver {
static NativeWindowOcclusionTrackerWin* GetOrCreateInstance();
// Enables notifying the host of |window| via SetNativeWindowOcclusionState()
// when the occlusion state has been computed.
void Enable(Window* window);
// Disables notifying the host of |window| via
// OnNativeWindowOcclusionStateChanged() when the occlusion state has been
// computed. It's not neccesary to call this when |window| is deleted because
// OnWindowDestroying calls Disable.
void Disable(Window* window);
// aura::WindowObserver:
void OnWindowVisibilityChanged(Window* window, bool visible) override;
void OnWindowDestroying(Window* window) override;
friend class NativeWindowOcclusionTrackerTest;
// This class computes the occlusion state of the tracked windows.
// It runs on a separate thread, and notifies the main thread of
// the occlusion state of the tracked windows.
class WindowOcclusionCalculator {
scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner> task_runner,
scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner> ui_thread_task_runner);
void EnableOcclusionTrackingForWindow(HWND hwnd);
void DisableOcclusionTrackingForWindow(HWND hwnd);
// If a window becomes visible, makes sure event hooks are registered.
void HandleVisibilityChanged(bool visible);
friend class NativeWindowOcclusionTrackerTest;
struct NativeWindowOcclusionState {
// The region of the native window that is not occluded by other windows.
SkRegion unoccluded_region;
// The current occlusion state of the native window. Default to UNKNOWN
// because we do not know the state starting out. More information on
// these states can be found in aura::Window.
aura::Window::OcclusionState occlusion_state =
// Registers event hooks, if not registered.
void MaybeRegisterEventHooks();
// This is the callback registered to get notified of various Windows
// events, like window moving/resizing.
static void CALLBACK EventHookCallback(HWINEVENTHOOK hWinEventHook,
DWORD event,
HWND hwnd,
LONG idObject,
LONG idChild,
DWORD dwEventThread,
DWORD dwmsEventTime);
// EnumWindows callback used to iterate over all hwnds to determine
// occlusion status of all tracked root windows. Also builds up
// |current_pids_with_visible_windows_| and registers event hooks for newly
// discovered processes with visible hwnds.
ComputeNativeWindowOcclusionStatusCallback(HWND hwnd, LPARAM lParam);
// EnumWindows callback used to update the list of process ids with
// visible hwnds, |pids_for_location_change_hook_|.
static BOOL CALLBACK UpdateVisibleWindowProcessIdsCallback(HWND hwnd,
LPARAM lParam);
// Determines which processes owning visible application windows to set the
// EVENT_OBJECT_LOCATIONCHANGE event hook for and stores the pids in
// |pids_for_location_change_hook_|.
void UpdateVisibleWindowProcessIds();
// Computes the native window occlusion status for all tracked root aura
// windows in |root_window_hwnds_occlusion_state_| and notifies them if
// their occlusion status has changed.
void ComputeNativeWindowOcclusionStatus();
// Schedules an occlusion calculation |update_occlusion_delay_| time in the
// future, if one isn't already scheduled.
void ScheduleOcclusionCalculationIfNeeded();
// Registers a global event hook (not per process) for the events in the
// range from |event_min| to |event_max|, inclusive.
void RegisterGlobalEventHook(UINT event_min, UINT event_max);
// Registers the EVENT_OBJECT_LOCATIONCHANGE event hook for the process with
// passed id. The process has one or more visible, opaque windows.
void RegisterEventHookForProcess(DWORD pid);
// Registers/Unregisters the event hooks necessary for occlusion tracking
// via calls to RegisterEventHook. These event hooks are disabled when all
// tracked windows are minimized.
void RegisterEventHooks();
void UnregisterEventHooks();
// EnumWindows callback for occlusion calculation. Returns true to
// continue enumeration, false otherwise. Currently, always returns
// true because this function also updates
// |current_pids_with_visible_windows|, and needs to see all HWNDs.
bool ProcessComputeNativeWindowOcclusionStatusCallback(
HWND hwnd,
base::flat_set<DWORD>* current_pids_with_visible_windows);
// Processes events sent to OcclusionEventHookCallback.
// It generally triggers scheduling of the occlusion calculation, but
// ignores certain events in order to not calculate occlusion more than
// necessary.
void ProcessEventHookCallback(DWORD event,
HWND hwnd,
LONG idObject,
LONG idChild);
// EnumWindows callback for determining which processes to set the
// EVENT_OBJECT_LOCATIONCHANGE event hook for. We set that event hook for
// processes hosting fully visible, opaque windows.
void ProcessUpdateVisibleWindowProcessIdsCallback(HWND hwnd);
// Task runner for our thread.
scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner> task_runner_;
// Task runner for the thread that created |this|. UpdateOcclusionState
// task is posted to this task runner.
const scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner> ui_thread_task_runner_;
// Map of root app window hwnds and their occlusion state. This contains
// both visible and hidden windows.
base::flat_map<HWND, NativeWindowOcclusionState>
// Values returned by SetWinEventHook are stored so that hooks can be
// unregistered when necessary.
std::vector<HWINEVENTHOOK> global_event_hooks_;
// Map from process id to EVENT_OBJECT_LOCATIONCHANGE event hook.
base::flat_map<DWORD, HWINEVENTHOOK> process_event_hooks_;
// Pids of processes for which the EVENT_OBJECT_LOCATIONCHANGE event hook is
// set. These are the processes hosting windows in
// |visible_and_fully_opaque_windows_|.
base::flat_set<DWORD> pids_for_location_change_hook_;
// Timer to delay occlusion update.
base::OneShotTimer occlusion_update_timer_;
// Used to keep track of whether we're in the middle of getting window move
// events, in order to wait until the window move is complete before
// calculating window occlusion.
bool window_is_moving_ = false;
~NativeWindowOcclusionTrackerWin() override;
// Returns true if we are interested in |hwnd| for purposes of occlusion
// calculation. We are interested in |hwnd| if it is a window that is visible,
// opaque, and bounded. If we are interested in |hwnd|, stores the window
// rectangle in |window_rect|.
static bool IsWindowVisibleAndFullyOpaque(HWND hwnd, gfx::Rect* window_rect);
// Updates root windows occclusion state.
void UpdateOcclusionState(const base::flat_map<HWND, Window::OcclusionState>&
// This is called with session changed notifications. If the screen is locked,
// it marks app windows as occluded.
void OnSessionChange(WPARAM status_code);
// Task runner to call ComputeNativeWindowOcclusionStatus, and to handle
// Windows event notifications, off of the UI thread.
const scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner> update_occlusion_task_runner_;
// Map of HWND to root app windows. Maintained on the UI thread, and used
// to send occlusion state notifications to Windows from
// |root_window_hwnds_occlusion_state_|.
base::flat_map<HWND, Window*> hwnd_root_window_map_;
// This is set by UpdateOcclusionState. It is currently only used by tests.
int num_visible_root_windows_ = 0;
std::unique_ptr<WindowOcclusionCalculator> occlusion_calculator_;
// Manages observation of Windows Session Change messages.
ui::SessionChangeObserver session_change_observer_;
// If the screen is locked, windows are considered occluded.
bool screen_locked_ = false;
} // namespace aura