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/* Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* This file defines the <code>PPB_Instance</code> interface implemented by the
* browser and containing pointers to functions related to
* the module instance on a web page.
label Chrome {
M13 = 0.5,
M14 = 1.0
* The PPB_Instance interface contains pointers to functions
* related to the module instance on a web page.
interface PPB_Instance {
/** Deprecated in 1.0 */
PP_Var GetWindowObject([in] PP_Instance instance);
/** Deprecated in 1.0 */
PP_Var GetOwnerElementObject([in] PP_Instance instance);
* BindGraphics() binds the given graphics as the current display surface.
* The contents of this device is what will be displayed in the instance's
* area on the web page. The device must be a 2D or a 3D device.
* You can pass a <code>NULL</code> resource as the device parameter to
* unbind all devices from the given instance. The instance will then appear
* transparent. Re-binding the same device will return <code>PP_TRUE</code>
* and will do nothing.
* Any previously-bound device will be released. It is an error to bind
* a device when it is already bound to another instance. If you want
* to move a device between instances, first unbind it from the old one, and
* then rebind it to the new one.
* Binding a device will invalidate that portion of the web page to flush the
* contents of the new device to the screen.
* @param[in] instance A PP_Instance identifying one instance of a module.
* @param[in] device A PP_Resource corresponding to a graphics device.
* @return <code>PP_Bool</code> containing <code>PP_TRUE</code> if bind was
* successful or <code>PP_FALSE</code> if the device was not the correct
* type. On success, a reference to the device will be held by the
* instance, so the caller can release its reference if it chooses.
PP_Bool BindGraphics(
[in] PP_Instance instance,
[in] PP_Resource device);
* IsFullFrame() determines if the instance is full-frame. Such an instance
* represents the entire document in a frame rather than an embedded
* resource. This can happen if the user does a top-level navigation or the
* page specifies an iframe to a resource with a MIME type registered by the
* module.
* @param[in] instance A <code>PP_Instance</code> identifying one instance
* of a module.
* @return A <code>PP_Bool</code> containing <code>PP_TRUE</code> if the
* instance is full-frame.
PP_Bool IsFullFrame(
[in] PP_Instance instance);
/** Deprecated in 0.5 */
PP_Var ExecuteScript([in] PP_Instance instance,
[in] PP_Var script,
[out] PP_Var exception);