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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
""" Generator for C style prototypes and definitions """
import glob
import os
import sys
from idl_log import ErrOut, InfoOut, WarnOut
from idl_node import IDLAttribute, IDLNode
from idl_ast import IDLAst
from idl_option import GetOption, Option, ParseOptions
from idl_outfile import IDLOutFile
from idl_parser import ParseFiles
from idl_c_proto import CGen, GetNodeComments, CommentLines, Comment
from idl_generator import Generator, GeneratorByFile
Option('dstroot', 'Base directory of output', default=os.path.join('..', 'c'))
Option('guard', 'Include guard prefix', default=os.path.join('ppapi', 'c'))
Option('out', 'List of output files', default='')
def GetOutFileName(filenode, relpath=None, prefix=None):
path, name = os.path.split(filenode.GetProperty('NAME'))
name = os.path.splitext(name)[0] + '.h'
if prefix: name = '%s%s' % (prefix, name)
if path: name = os.path.join(path, name)
if relpath: name = os.path.join(relpath, name)
return name
def WriteGroupMarker(out, node, last_group):
# If we are part of a group comment marker...
if last_group and last_group != node.cls:
pre = CommentLines(['*',' @}', '']) + '\n'
pre = '\n'
if node.cls in ['Typedef', 'Interface', 'Struct', 'Enum']:
if last_group != node.cls:
pre += CommentLines(['*',' @addtogroup %ss' % node.cls, ' @{', ''])
last_group = node.cls
last_group = None
return last_group
def GenerateHeader(out, filenode, releases):
cgen = CGen()
pref = ''
do_comments = True
# Generate definitions.
last_group = None
top_types = ['Typedef', 'Interface', 'Struct', 'Enum', 'Inline']
for node in filenode.GetListOf(*top_types):
# Skip if this node is not in this release
if not node.InReleases(releases):
print "Skiping %s" % node
# End/Start group marker
if do_comments:
last_group = WriteGroupMarker(out, node, last_group)
if node.IsA('Inline'):
item = node.GetProperty('VALUE')
# If 'C++' use __cplusplus wrapper
if node.GetName() == 'cc':
item = '#ifdef __cplusplus\n%s\n#endif // __cplusplus\n\n' % item
# If not C++ or C, then skip it
elif not node.GetName() == 'c':
if item: out.Write(item)
# Otherwise we are defining a file level object, so generate the
# correct document notation.
item = cgen.Define(node, releases, prefix=pref, comment=True)
if not item: continue
asize = node.GetProperty('assert_size()')
if asize:
name = '%s%s' % (pref, node.GetName())
if node.IsA('Struct'):
elif node.IsA('Enum'):
if node.GetProperty('notypedef'):
item += form % (name, asize[0])
if item: out.Write(item)
if last_group:
out.Write(CommentLines(['*',' @}', '']) + '\n')
class HGen(GeneratorByFile):
def __init__(self):
Generator.__init__(self, 'C Header', 'cgen', 'Generate the C headers.')
def GenerateFile(self, filenode, releases, options):
savename = GetOutFileName(filenode, GetOption('dstroot'))
unique_releases = filenode.GetUniqueReleases(releases)
if not unique_releases:
if os.path.isfile(savename):
print "Removing stale %s for this range." % filenode.GetName()
return False
out = IDLOutFile(savename)
self.GenerateHead(out, filenode, releases, options)
self.GenerateBody(out, filenode, releases, options)
self.GenerateTail(out, filenode, releases, options)
return out.Close()
def GenerateHead(self, out, filenode, releases, options):
__pychecker__ = 'unusednames=options'
cgen = CGen()
gpath = GetOption('guard')
def_guard = GetOutFileName(filenode, relpath=gpath)
def_guard = def_guard.replace(os.sep,'_').replace('.','_').upper() + '_'
cright_node = filenode.GetChildren()[0]
fileinfo = filenode.GetChildren()[1]
out.Write('%s\n' % cgen.Copyright(cright_node))
# Wrap the From ... modified ... comment if it would be >80 characters.
from_text = 'From %s' % (
modified_text = 'modified %s.' % (
if len(from_text) + len(modified_text) < 74:
out.Write('/* %s %s */\n\n' % (from_text, modified_text))
out.Write('/* %s,\n * %s\n */\n\n' % (from_text, modified_text))
out.Write('#ifndef %s\n#define %s\n\n' % (def_guard, def_guard))
# Generate set of includes
deps = set()
for release in releases:
deps |= filenode.GetDeps(release)
includes = set([])
for dep in deps:
depfile = dep.GetProperty('FILE')
if depfile:
includes = [GetOutFileName(
include, relpath=gpath).replace(os.sep, '/') for include in includes]
# Assume we need stdint if we "include" C or C++ code
if filenode.GetListOf('Include'):
includes = sorted(set(includes))
cur_include = GetOutFileName(filenode, relpath=gpath).replace(os.sep, '/')
for include in includes:
if include == cur_include: continue
out.Write('#include "%s"\n' % include)
# Generate all interface defines
for node in filenode.GetListOf('Interface'):
idefs = ''
macro = cgen.GetInterfaceMacro(node)
unique = node.GetUniqueReleases(releases)
# Skip this interface if there are no matching versions
if not unique: continue
for rel in unique:
version = node.GetVersion(rel)
name = cgen.GetInterfaceString(node, version)
strver = str(version).replace('.', '_')
idefs += cgen.GetDefine('%s_%s' % (macro, strver), '"%s"' % name)
idefs += cgen.GetDefine(macro, '%s_%s' % (macro, strver)) + '\n'
# Generate the @file comment
out.Write('%s\n' % Comment(fileinfo, prefix='*\n @file'))
def GenerateBody(self, out, filenode, releases, options):
__pychecker__ = 'unusednames=options'
GenerateHeader(out, filenode, releases)
def GenerateTail(self, out, filenode, releases, options):
__pychecker__ = 'unusednames=options,releases'
gpath = GetOption('guard')
def_guard = GetOutFileName(filenode, relpath=gpath)
def_guard = def_guard.replace(os.sep,'_').replace('.','_').upper() + '_'
out.Write('#endif /* %s */\n\n' % def_guard)
hgen = HGen()
def Main(args):
# Default invocation will verify the golden files are unchanged.
failed = 0
if not args:
args = ['--wnone', '--diff', '--test', '--dstroot=.']
idldir = os.path.split(sys.argv[0])[0]
idldir = os.path.join(idldir, 'test_cgen', '*.idl')
filenames = glob.glob(idldir)
ast = ParseFiles(filenames)
if hgen.GenerateRelease(ast, 'M14', {}):
print "Golden file for M14 failed."
failed = 1
print "Golden file for M14 passed."
idldir = os.path.split(sys.argv[0])[0]
idldir = os.path.join(idldir, 'test_cgen_range', '*.idl')
filenames = glob.glob(idldir)
ast = ParseFiles(filenames)
if hgen.GenerateRange(ast, ['M13', 'M14', 'M15'], {}):
print "Golden file for M13-M15 failed."
failed =1
print "Golden file for M13-M15 passed."
return failed
if __name__ == '__main__':