Print Preview: Add ellipses to "See more" string (M73)

Bug: 920056
Change-Id: I36630196e88ea6279d58b34c84a007c40ba280a1
Reviewed-by: Lei Zhang <>
Commit-Queue: Rebekah Potter <>
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diff --git a/chrome/app/printing_strings.grdp b/chrome/app/printing_strings.grdp
index 6abc12c..71329f5 100644
--- a/chrome/app/printing_strings.grdp
+++ b/chrome/app/printing_strings.grdp
@@ -208,7 +208,7 @@
     <message name="IDS_PRINT_PREVIEW_SEE_MORE" desc="Dropdown option to view more print destinations in a dialog." meaning="Label text">
-      See more
+      See more...
     <message name="IDS_PRINT_PREVIEW_SEE_MORE_DESTINATIONS_LABEL" desc="Aria label for the dropdown option to view more print destinations in a dialog. Expansion of SEE_MORE above to add context for screen readers." meaning="Label text">
       See more destinations