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WebAPKs are a proposal to improve homescreen shortcuts by:
- Giving them a spot in the app launcher
- Enabling web pages to open a WebAPK when a user taps on a URL which belongs to
a WebAPK
- Improving resource and permission attribution
In short, they attempt to providing additional glue to give Progress Web Apps
deeper integration into the Android OS, similar to native apps.
The directory is broken down as follows:
- shell_apk/ - a template APK which can be customized for a given domain based
on its Web App Manifest:
- libs/client/ - a client library meant for a host browser to interact with
- libs/common/ - common library used by the WebAPK and host browser
- libs/runtime_library/ - a library which can be dynamically loaded by a
ShellAPK. A host browser provides the library which the ShellAPK uses to
implement the majority of its functionaly. For chrome, this library is
packaged into Chrome's assets file and extracted as needed. This approach
ensures that the majority of the WebAPK logic is shared and can be updated
as often as the host browser, without the need for updating each individual