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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "gpu/config/gpu_feature_info.h"
#include "gpu/gpu_export.h"
namespace base {
class CommandLine;
namespace gpu {
struct GPUInfo;
struct GpuPreferences;
enum class GpuSeriesType;
// Set GPU feature status if hardware acceleration is disabled.
GPU_EXPORT GpuFeatureInfo
// Set GPU feature status if GPU is blocked.
GPU_EXPORT GpuFeatureInfo ComputeGpuFeatureInfoWithNoGpu();
// Set GPU feature status for SwiftShader.
GPU_EXPORT GpuFeatureInfo ComputeGpuFeatureInfoForSwiftShader();
// This function should only be called from the GPU process, or the Browser
// process while using in-process GPU. This function is safe to call at any
// point, and is not dependent on sandbox initialization.
// This function also appends a few commandline switches caused by driver bugs.
GPU_EXPORT GpuFeatureInfo
ComputeGpuFeatureInfo(const GPUInfo& gpu_info,
const GpuPreferences& gpu_preferences,
base::CommandLine* command_line,
bool* needs_more_info);
GPU_EXPORT void SetKeysForCrashLogging(const GPUInfo& gpu_info);
// Cache GPUInfo so it can be accessed later.
GPU_EXPORT void CacheGPUInfo(const GPUInfo& gpu_info);
// If GPUInfo is cached, write into |gpu_info|, clear cache, and return true;
// otherwise, return false;
GPU_EXPORT bool PopGPUInfoCache(GPUInfo* gpu_info);
// Cache GpuFeatureInfo so it can be accessed later.
GPU_EXPORT void CacheGpuFeatureInfo(const GpuFeatureInfo& gpu_feature_info);
// If GpuFeatureInfo is cached, write into |gpu_feature_info|, clear cache, and
// return true; otherwise, return false;
GPU_EXPORT bool PopGpuFeatureInfoCache(GpuFeatureInfo* gpu_feature_info);
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
// Check if GL bindings are initialized. If not, initializes GL
// bindings, create a GL context, collects GPUInfo, make blacklist and
// GPU driver bug workaround decisions. This is intended to be called
// by Android WebView render thread and in-process GPU thread.
GPU_EXPORT bool InitializeGLThreadSafe(base::CommandLine* command_line,
const GpuPreferences& gpu_preferences,
GPUInfo* out_gpu_info,
GpuFeatureInfo* out_gpu_feature_info);
#endif // OS_ANDROID
// Returns whether SwiftShader should be enabled. If true, the proper command
// line switch to enable SwiftShader will be appended to 'command_line'.
GPU_EXPORT bool EnableSwiftShaderIfNeeded(
base::CommandLine* command_line,
const GpuFeatureInfo& gpu_feature_info,
bool disable_software_rasterizer,
bool blacklist_needs_more_info);
GPU_EXPORT GpuSeriesType GetGpuSeriesType(uint32_t vendor_id,
uint32_t device_id);
} // namespace gpu