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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "net/base/net_export.h"
#include "net/cert/internal/parse_certificate.h"
#include "net/der/input.h"
namespace net {
struct GeneralNames;
class NameConstraints;
class ParsedCertificate;
class SignatureAlgorithm;
using ParsedCertificateList = std::vector<scoped_refptr<ParsedCertificate>>;
// Represents an X.509 certificate, including Certificate, TBSCertificate, and
// standard extensions.
// Creating a ParsedCertificate does not completely parse and validate the
// certificate data. Presence of a member in this class implies the DER was
// parsed successfully to that level, but does not imply the contents of that
// member are valid, unless otherwise specified. See the documentation for each
// member or the documentation of the type it returns.
class NET_EXPORT ParsedCertificate
: public base::RefCountedThreadSafe<ParsedCertificate> {
// Map from OID to ParsedExtension.
using ExtensionsMap = std::map<der::Input, ParsedExtension>;
// The certificate data for may either be owned internally (INTERNAL_COPY) or
// owned externally (EXTERNAL_REFERENCE). When it is owned internally the data
// is held by |cert_data_|
enum class DataSource {
// Creates a ParsedCertificate given a DER-encoded Certificate. Returns
// nullptr on failure. Failure will occur if the standard certificate fields
// and supported extensions cannot be parsed.
// The provided certificate data is either copied, or aliased, depending on
// the value of |source|. See the comments for DataSource for details.
static scoped_refptr<ParsedCertificate> CreateFromCertificateData(
const uint8_t* data,
size_t length,
DataSource source,
const ParseCertificateOptions& options);
// Creates a ParsedCertificate and appends it to |chain|. Returns true if the
// certificate was successfully parsed and added. If false is return, |chain|
// is unmodified.
static bool CreateAndAddToVector(
const uint8_t* data,
size_t length,
DataSource source,
const ParseCertificateOptions& options,
std::vector<scoped_refptr<net::ParsedCertificate>>* chain);
// Creates a ParsedCertificate, copying the data from |data|.
static scoped_refptr<ParsedCertificate> CreateFromCertificateCopy(
const base::StringPiece& data,
const ParseCertificateOptions& options);
// Returns the DER-encoded certificate data for this cert.
const der::Input& der_cert() const { return cert_; }
// Accessors for raw fields of the Certificate.
const der::Input& tbs_certificate_tlv() const { return tbs_certificate_tlv_; }
const der::Input& signature_algorithm_tlv() const {
return signature_algorithm_tlv_;
const der::BitString& signature_value() const { return signature_value_; }
// Accessor for struct containing raw fields of the TbsCertificate.
const ParsedTbsCertificate& tbs() const { return tbs_; }
// Returns true if the signatureAlgorithm of the Certificate is supported and
// valid.
bool has_valid_supported_signature_algorithm() const {
return signature_algorithm_ != nullptr;
// Returns the signatureAlgorithm of the Certificate (not the tbsCertificate).
// Must not be called if has_valid_supported_signature_algorithm() is false.
const SignatureAlgorithm& signature_algorithm() const {
return *signature_algorithm_;
// Returns the DER-encoded normalized subject value (not including outer
// Sequence tag). This is gauranteed to be valid DER, though the contents of
// unhandled string types are treated as raw bytes.
der::Input normalized_subject() const {
return der::Input(&normalized_subject_);
// Returns the DER-encoded normalized issuer value (not including outer
// Sequence tag). This is gauranteed to be valid DER, though the contents of
// unhandled string types are treated as raw bytes.
der::Input normalized_issuer() const {
return der::Input(&normalized_issuer_);
// Returns true if the certificate has a BasicConstraints extension.
bool has_basic_constraints() const { return has_basic_constraints_; }
// Returns the ParsedBasicConstraints struct. Caller must check
// has_basic_constraints() before accessing this.
const ParsedBasicConstraints& basic_constraints() const {
return basic_constraints_;
// Returns true if the certificate has a KeyUsage extension.
bool has_key_usage() const { return has_key_usage_; }
// Returns the KeyUsage BitString. Caller must check
// has_key_usage() before accessing this.
const der::BitString& key_usage() const {
return key_usage_;
// Returns true if the certificate has a SubjectAltName extension.
bool has_subject_alt_names() const { return subject_alt_names_ != nullptr; }
// Returns the ParsedExtension struct for the SubjectAltName extension.
// If the cert did not have a SubjectAltName extension, this will be a
// default-initialized ParsedExtension struct.
const ParsedExtension& subject_alt_names_extension() const {
return subject_alt_names_extension_;
// Returns the GeneralNames class parsed from SubjectAltName extension, or
// nullptr if no SubjectAltName extension was present.
const GeneralNames* subject_alt_names() const {
return subject_alt_names_.get();
// Returns true if the certificate has a NameConstraints extension.
bool has_name_constraints() const { return name_constraints_ != nullptr; }
// Returns the parsed NameConstraints extension. Must not be called if
// has_name_constraints() is false.
const NameConstraints& name_constraints() const {
return *name_constraints_;
// Returns true if the certificate has an AuthorityInfoAccess extension.
bool has_authority_info_access() const { return has_authority_info_access_; }
// Returns the ParsedExtension struct for the AuthorityInfoAccess extension.
const ParsedExtension& authority_info_access_extension() const {
return authority_info_access_extension_;
// Returns any caIssuers URIs from the AuthorityInfoAccess extension.
const std::vector<base::StringPiece>& ca_issuers_uris() const {
return ca_issuers_uris_;
// Returns any OCSP URIs from the AuthorityInfoAccess extension.
const std::vector<base::StringPiece>& ocsp_uris() const { return ocsp_uris_; }
// Returns a map of unhandled extensions (excludes the ones above).
const ExtensionsMap& unparsed_extensions() const {
return unparsed_extensions_;
friend class base::RefCountedThreadSafe<ParsedCertificate>;
// The backing store for the certificate data. This is only applicable when
// the ParsedCertificate was initialized using DataSource::INTERNAL_COPY.
std::vector<uint8_t> cert_data_;
// Note that the backing data for |cert_| (and its may come either from
// |cert_data_| or some external buffer (depending on how the
// ParsedCertificate was created).
// Points to the raw certificate DER.
der::Input cert_;
der::Input tbs_certificate_tlv_;
der::Input signature_algorithm_tlv_;
der::BitString signature_value_;
ParsedTbsCertificate tbs_;
// The signatureAlgorithm from the Certificate.
std::unique_ptr<SignatureAlgorithm> signature_algorithm_;
// Normalized DER-encoded Subject (not including outer Sequence tag).
std::string normalized_subject_;
// Normalized DER-encoded Issuer (not including outer Sequence tag).
std::string normalized_issuer_;
// BasicConstraints extension.
bool has_basic_constraints_ = false;
ParsedBasicConstraints basic_constraints_;
// KeyUsage extension.
bool has_key_usage_ = false;
der::BitString key_usage_;
// Raw SubjectAltName extension.
ParsedExtension subject_alt_names_extension_;
// Parsed SubjectAltName extension.
std::unique_ptr<GeneralNames> subject_alt_names_;
// NameConstraints extension.
std::unique_ptr<NameConstraints> name_constraints_;
// AuthorityInfoAccess extension.
bool has_authority_info_access_ = false;
ParsedExtension authority_info_access_extension_;
// CaIssuers and Ocsp URIs parsed from the AuthorityInfoAccess extension. Note
// that the AuthorityInfoAccess may have contained other AccessDescriptions
// which are not represented here.
std::vector<base::StringPiece> ca_issuers_uris_;
std::vector<base::StringPiece> ocsp_uris_;
// The remaining extensions (excludes the standard ones above).
ExtensionsMap unparsed_extensions_;
} // namespace net