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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <string>
#include "ui/gfx/favicon_size.h"
namespace chrome {
struct ParsedFaviconPath {
ParsedFaviconPath(const ParsedFaviconPath& other);
// URL pointing to the page whose favicon we want.
std::string page_url;
// URL pointing directly to favicon image. If both |page_url| and |icon_url|
// are specified, |page_url| will have precedence. At least one between
// |page_url| and |icon_url| must be non-empty.
std::string icon_url;
// The size of the requested favicon in dip.
int size_in_dip = gfx::kFaviconSize;
// The device scale factor of the requested favicon.
float device_scale_factor = 1.0f;
// TODO(victorvianna): Remove this parameter.
// The index of the first character (relative to the path) where the the URL
// from which the favicon is being requested is located.
size_t path_index = std::string::npos;
// Whether we should allow making a request to the favicon server as fallback.
bool allow_favicon_server_fallback = false;
// Whether we should show a fallback monogram in place of the default favicon.
bool show_fallback_monogram = false;
// Enum describing the two possible url formats: the legacy chrome://favicon
// and chrome://favicon2.
// - chrome://favicon format:
// chrome://favicon/size&scalefactor/iconurl/url
// Some parameters are optional as described below. However, the order of the
// parameters is not interchangeable.
// Parameter:
// 'url' Required
// Specifies the page URL of the requested favicon. If the 'iconurl'
// parameter is specified, the URL refers to the URL of the favicon image
// instead.
// 'size&scalefactor' Optional
// Values: ['size/aa@bx/']
// Specifies the requested favicon's size in DIP (aa) and the requested
// favicon's scale factor. (b).
// The supported requested DIP sizes are: 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64.
// If the parameter is unspecified, the requested favicon's size defaults
// to 16 and the requested scale factor defaults to 1x.
// Example: chrome://favicon/size/16@2x/
// 'iconurl' Optional
// Values: ['iconurl']
// 'iconurl': Specifies that the url parameter refers to the URL of
// the favicon image as opposed to the URL of the page that the favicon is
// on.
// Example: chrome://favicon/iconurl/
// - chrome://favicon2 format:
// chrome://favicon2/?query_parameters
// Standard URL query parameters are used as described below.
// URL Parameters:
// 'page_url'
// URL pointing to the page whose favicon we want.
// 'icon_url'
// URL pointing directly to favicon image associated with |page_url|.
// Pointed image will not necessarily have the most appropriate resolution
// to the user's device.
// At least one of the two must be provided and non-empty. If both |page_url|
// and |icon_url| are passed, |page_url| will have precedence.
// Other parameters:
// 'size' Optional
// Specifies the requested favicon's size in DIP. If unspecified, defaults
// to 16.
// Example: chrome://favicon2/?size=32
// TODO(victorvianna): Refactor to remove scale_factor parameter.
// 'scale_factor' Optional
// Values: ['SCALEx']
// Specifies the requested favicon's scale factor. If unspecified, defaults
// to 1x.
// Example: chrome://favicon2/?scale_factor=1.2x
// 'allow_google_server_fallback' Optional
// Values: ['1', '0']
// Specifies whether we are allowed to fall back to an external server
// request (by page url) in case the icon is not found locally.
// Setting this to 1 while not providing a non-empty page url will cause
// parsing to fail.
enum class FaviconUrlFormat {
// Legacy chrome://favicon format.
// chrome://favicon2 format.
// Parses |path| according to |format|, returning true if successful. The result
// of the parsing will be stored in the struct pointed by |parsed|.
bool ParseFaviconPath(const std::string& path,
FaviconUrlFormat format,
ParsedFaviconPath* parsed);
} // namespace chrome