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Short Name: lzma
Version: 15.14
Date: 2015-12-31
License: Public Domain
Security Critical: yes
This contains a part of LZMA SDK 15.14.
Local Modifications:
The original code can be found at Only parts
of this archive are copied here. More specifically:
1/ C code required to open 7z archive files and uncompress LZMA
2/ 7za.exe and 7zr.exe executables (amd64 version)
3/ source code for SfxSetup, a utility for creating self extracting archives
4/ C code required for xz decompression (split into its own static library)
The patch in chromium.patch was applied to CpuArch.c to fix register corruption
that can occur on 64-bit platforms built with -fPIC and register clobbering that
occurred on Mac builds (but in principle can occur anywhere).
The patch in Util/SfxSetup/chromium.patch was applied so that:
1/ The code compiles without warnings which are treated as errors. Warning is:
C6246: Local declaration hides declaration of same name in outer scope.
2/ Fix for includes file names, since the original code causes an include
file violation during git cl presubmit.