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// Copyright (c) 2006-2008 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// MimeSnifferProxy wraps an URLRequest to use mime_util's MIME
// sniffer to better report the content's MIME type.
// It only supports a subset of the URLRequest API, and must be used together
// with an URLRequest. Their lifetimes should be the same.
// To use it, create a normal URLRequest and initialize it appropriately,
// then insert a MimeSnifferProxy between your object and the URLRequest:
// ms_.reset(new MimeSnifferProxy(url_request, this));
// It then proxies URLRequest delegate callbacks (from URLRequest back into
// your object) appropriately.
// For the other direction of calls (from your object to URLRequest), be sure
// to use two MimeSniffed functions in place of the URLRequest functions:
// 1) ms_->Read() -- just like URLRequest::Read()
// 2) ms_->mime_type() -- returns the sniffed mime type of the data;
// valid after OnResponseStarted() is called.
#include "net/url_request/url_request.h"
class MimeSnifferProxy : public URLRequest::Delegate {
// The constructor inserts this MimeSnifferProxy in between the URLRequest
// and the URLRequest::Delegate, so that the URLRequest's delegate callbacks
// first go through the MimeSnifferProxy.
MimeSnifferProxy(URLRequest* request, URLRequest::Delegate* delegate);
// URLRequest::Delegate implementation.
// These first two functions are handled specially:
virtual void OnResponseStarted(URLRequest* request);
virtual void OnReadCompleted(URLRequest* request, int bytes_read);
// The remaining three just proxy directly to the delegate:
virtual void OnReceivedRedirect(URLRequest* request,
const GURL& new_url) {
delegate_->OnReceivedRedirect(request, new_url);
virtual void OnAuthRequired(URLRequest* request,
net::AuthChallengeInfo* auth_info) {
delegate_->OnAuthRequired(request, auth_info);
virtual void OnSSLCertificateError(URLRequest* request,
int cert_error,
net::X509Certificate* cert) {
delegate_->OnSSLCertificateError(request, cert_error, cert);
// Wrapper around URLRequest::Read.
bool Read(char* buf, int max_bytes, int *bytes_read);
// Return the sniffed mime type of the request. Valid after
// OnResponseStarted() has been called on the delegate.
const std::string& mime_type() const { return mime_type_; }
// The request underneath us.
URLRequest* request_;
// The delegate above us, that we're proxying the request to.
URLRequest::Delegate* delegate_;
// The (sniffed, if necessary) request mime type.
std::string mime_type_;
// Whether we're sniffing this request.
bool sniff_content_;
// Whether we've encountered an error on our initial Read().
bool error_;
// A buffer for the first bit of the request.
char buf_[1024];
// The number of bytes we've read into the buffer.
int bytes_read_;