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# This file contains the table of known CPU names.
# Architecture names are formed as a combination of the system name
# (from ostable) and CPU name (from this table) after mapping from
# the Debian triplet (from triplettable).
# Column 1 is the Debian name for the CPU, used to form the cpu part in
# the Debian triplet.
# Column 2 is the GNU name for the CPU, used to output build and host
# targets in ‘dpkg-architecture’.
# Column 3 is an extended regular expression used to match against the
# CPU part of the output of the GNU config.guess script.
# Column 4 is the size (in bits) of the integers/pointers
# Column 5 is the endianness (byte ordering in numbers)
# <Debian name> <GNU name> <config.guess regex> <Bits> <Endianness>
i386 i486 (i[3456]86|pentium) 32 little
ia64 ia64 ia64 64 little
alpha alpha alpha.* 64 little
amd64 x86_64 x86_64 64 little
armeb armeb arm.*b 32 big
arm arm arm.* 32 little
arm64 aarch64 aarch64 64 little
avr32 avr32 avr32 32 big
hppa hppa hppa.* 32 big
m32r m32r m32r 32 big
m68k m68k m68k 32 big
mips mips mips(eb)? 32 big
mipsel mipsel mipsel 32 little
mips64 mips64 mips64 64 big
mips64el mips64el mips64el 64 little
powerpc powerpc (powerpc|ppc) 32 big
ppc64 powerpc64 (powerpc|ppc)64 64 big
ppc64el powerpc64le powerpc64le 64 little
s390 s390 s390 32 big
s390x s390x s390x 64 big
sh3 sh3 sh3 32 little
sh3eb sh3eb sh3eb 32 big
sh4 sh4 sh4 32 little
sh4eb sh4eb sh4eb 32 big
sparc sparc sparc 32 big
sparc64 sparc64 sparc64 64 big