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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <unordered_set>
#include "cc/paint/paint_canvas.h"
#include "cc/paint/paint_export.h"
#include "cc/paint/paint_filter.h"
#include "cc/paint/paint_op_buffer_serializer.h"
struct SkRect;
struct SkIRect;
class SkRRect;
namespace cc {
class DrawImage;
class PaintShader;
class CC_PAINT_EXPORT PaintOpWriter {
// The SerializeOptions passed to the writer must set the required fields
// if it can be used for serializing images, paint records or text blobs.
PaintOpWriter(void* memory,
size_t size,
const PaintOp::SerializeOptions& options,
bool enable_security_constraints = false);
static size_t constexpr HeaderBytes() { return 4u; }
static size_t constexpr Alignment() { return 4u; }
static size_t GetFlattenableSize(const SkFlattenable* flattenable);
static size_t GetImageSize(const PaintImage& image);
static size_t GetRecordSize(const PaintRecord* record);
// Write a sequence of arbitrary bytes.
void WriteData(size_t bytes, const void* input);
size_t size() const { return valid_ ? size_ - remaining_bytes_ : 0u; }
uint64_t* WriteSize(size_t size);
void Write(SkScalar data);
void Write(SkMatrix data);
void Write(uint8_t data);
void Write(uint32_t data);
void Write(uint64_t data);
void Write(int32_t data);
void Write(const SkRect& rect);
void Write(const SkIRect& rect);
void Write(const SkRRect& rect);
void Write(const SkPath& path);
void Write(const PaintFlags& flags);
void Write(const sk_sp<SkData>& data);
void Write(const SkColorSpace* data);
void Write(const PaintShader* shader, SkFilterQuality quality);
void Write(const PaintFilter* filter);
void Write(const sk_sp<SkTextBlob>& blob);
void Write(SkColorType color_type);
void Write(SkClipOp op) { Write(static_cast<uint8_t>(op)); }
void Write(PaintCanvas::AnnotationType type) {
void Write(PaintCanvas::SrcRectConstraint constraint) {
void Write(SkFilterQuality filter_quality) {
void Write(bool data) { Write(static_cast<uint8_t>(data)); }
// Aligns the memory to the given alignment.
void AlignMemory(size_t alignment);
// sk_sp is implicitly convertible to uint8_t (likely via implicit bool
// conversion). In order to avoid accidentally calling that overload instead
// of a specific function (such as would be the case if one forgets to call
// .get() on it), the following template asserts if it's instantiated.
template <typename T>
void Write(const sk_sp<T>&) {
// Note that this is essentially static_assert(false, ...) but it needs to
// be dependent on T in order to only trigger if instantiated.
static_assert(sizeof(T) == 0,
"Attempted to call a non-existent sk_sp override.");
template <typename T>
void Write(const T*) {
static_assert(sizeof(T) == 0,
"Attempted to call a non-existent T* override.");
// Serializes the given |draw_image|.
// |scale_adjustment| is set to the scale applied to the serialized image.
// |quality| is set to the quality that should be used when rasterizing this
// image.
void Write(const DrawImage& draw_image, SkSize* scale_adjustment);
template <typename T>
void WriteSimple(const T& val);
void WriteFlattenable(const SkFlattenable* val);
// The main entry point is Write(const PaintFilter* filter) which casts the
// filter and calls one of the following functions.
void Write(const ColorFilterPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const BlurPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const DropShadowPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const MagnifierPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const ComposePaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const AlphaThresholdPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const XfermodePaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const ArithmeticPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const MatrixConvolutionPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const DisplacementMapEffectPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const ImagePaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const RecordPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const MergePaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const MorphologyPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const OffsetPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const TilePaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const TurbulencePaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const PaintFlagsPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const MatrixPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const LightingDistantPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const LightingPointPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const LightingSpotPaintFilter& filter);
void Write(const PaintRecord* record,
const gfx::Rect& playback_rect,
const gfx::SizeF& post_scale,
const SkMatrix& post_matrix_for_analysis);
void Write(const SkRegion& region);
void WriteImage(uint32_t transfer_cache_entry_id, bool needs_mips);
void EnsureBytes(size_t required_bytes);
sk_sp<PaintShader> TransformShaderIfNecessary(
const PaintShader* original,
SkFilterQuality quality,
uint32_t* paint_image_transfer_cache_entry_id,
gfx::SizeF* paint_record_post_scale,
bool* paint_image_needs_mips);
char* memory_ = nullptr;
size_t size_ = 0u;
size_t remaining_bytes_ = 0u;
const PaintOp::SerializeOptions& options_;
bool valid_ = true;
// Indicates that the following security constraints must be applied during
// serialization:
// 1) PaintRecords and SkDrawLoopers must be ignored.
// 2) Codec backed images must be decoded and only the bitmap should be
// serialized.
const bool enable_security_constraints_;
} // namespace cc