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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "cc/tiles/paint_worklet_image_cache.h"
#include "base/bind.h"
#include "cc/paint/paint_worklet_layer_painter.h"
namespace cc {
class PaintWorkletTaskImpl : public TileTask {
PaintWorkletTaskImpl(PaintWorkletImageCache* cache,
const PaintImage& paint_image)
: TileTask(true), cache_(cache), paint_image_(paint_image) {}
PaintWorkletTaskImpl(const PaintWorkletTaskImpl&) = delete;
PaintWorkletTaskImpl& operator=(const PaintWorkletTaskImpl&) = delete;
// Overridden from Task:
void RunOnWorkerThread() override { cache_->PaintImageInTask(paint_image_); }
// Overridden from TileTask:
void OnTaskCompleted() override {}
~PaintWorkletTaskImpl() override = default;
PaintWorkletImageCache* cache_;
PaintImage paint_image_;
PaintWorkletImageCache::PaintWorkletImageCache() {}
PaintWorkletImageCache::~PaintWorkletImageCache() {
for (const auto& pair : records_)
DCHECK_EQ(pair.second.used_ref_count, 0u);
void PaintWorkletImageCache::SetPaintWorkletLayerPainter(
std::unique_ptr<PaintWorkletLayerPainter> painter) {
painter_ = std::move(painter);
scoped_refptr<TileTask> PaintWorkletImageCache::GetTaskForPaintWorkletImage(
const DrawImage& image) {
// As described in, the |painter_| could be null, and we
// should not create any raster task.
if (!painter_)
return nullptr;
return base::MakeRefCounted<PaintWorkletTaskImpl>(this, image.paint_image());
// TODO(xidachen): we might need to consider the animated property value and the
// PaintWorkletInput to decide whether we need to call Paint() function or not.
void PaintWorkletImageCache::PaintImageInTask(const PaintImage& paint_image) {
// TODO( When creating a TileTask for a given PaintImage at
// GetTaskForPaintWorkletImage, we should not create a new TileTask if there
// is already a TileTask for this PaintImage.
base::AutoLock hold(records_lock_);
if (records_.find(paint_image.paint_worklet_input()) != records_.end())
// Because the compositor could be waiting on the lock in NotifyPrepareTiles,
// we unlock here such that the compositor won't be blocked on potentially
// slow Paint function.
// TODO(xidachen): ensure that the canvas operations in the PaintRecord
// matches the PaintGeneratedImage::Draw.
sk_sp<PaintRecord> record = painter_->Paint();
base::AutoLock hold(records_lock_);
// It is possible for two or more threads to both pass through the first
// lock and arrive here. To avoid ref-count issues caused by potential
// racing among threads, we use insert such that if an entry already exists
// for a particular key, the value won't be overridden.
PaintWorkletImageCacheValue(std::move(record), 0)));
std::pair<PaintRecord*, base::OnceCallback<void()>>
PaintWorkletImageCache::GetPaintRecordAndRef(PaintWorkletInput* input) {
base::AutoLock hold(records_lock_);
// If the |painter_| is null, then GetTaskForPaintWorkletImage will return a
// null TileTask, and hence there will be no cache entry for this input.
if (!painter_) {
return std::make_pair(sk_make_sp<PaintOpBuffer>().get(),
DCHECK(records_.find(input) != records_.end());
records_[input].num_of_frames_not_accessed = 0u;
// The PaintWorkletImageCache object lives as long as the LayerTreeHostImpl,
// and that ensures that this pointer and the input will be alive when this
// callback is executed.
auto callback =
base::Unretained(this), base::Unretained(input));
return std::make_pair(records_[input].record.get(), std::move(callback));
void PaintWorkletImageCache::SetNumOfFramesToPurgeCacheEntryForTest(
size_t num) {
num_of_frames_to_purge_cache_entry_ = num;
void PaintWorkletImageCache::DecrementCacheRefCount(PaintWorkletInput* input) {
base::AutoLock hold(records_lock_);
auto it = records_.find(input);
DCHECK(it != records_.end());
auto& pair = it->second;
DCHECK_GT(pair.used_ref_count, 0u);
void PaintWorkletImageCache::NotifyDidPrepareTiles() {
base::AutoLock hold(records_lock_);
const std::pair<PaintWorkletInput*, PaintWorkletImageCacheValue>& t) {
return t.second.num_of_frames_not_accessed >=
num_of_frames_to_purge_cache_entry_ &&
t.second.used_ref_count == 0;
for (auto& pair : records_)
PaintWorkletImageCacheValue() = default;
PaintWorkletImageCacheValue(sk_sp<PaintRecord> record, size_t ref_count)
: record(std::move(record)), used_ref_count(ref_count) {}
PaintWorkletImageCacheValue(const PaintWorkletImageCacheValue& other)
: record(other.record), used_ref_count(other.used_ref_count) {}
~PaintWorkletImageCacheValue() = default;
} // namespace cc