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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <deque>
#include "base/bind.h"
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/time.h"
#include "media/base/media_export.h"
namespace media {
// Measures download speed based on the rate at which a media file is buffering.
// Signals when it believes the media file can be played back without needing to
// pause to buffer.
class MEDIA_EXPORT DownloadRateMonitor {
// Begin measuring download rate. The monitor will run |canplaythrough_cb|
// when it believes the media can be played back without needing to pause to
// buffer. |media_bitrate| is the bitrate of the video.
void Start(const base::Closure& canplaythrough_cb, int media_bitrate);
// Notifies the monitor of the current number of bytes buffered by the media
// file at what timestamp. The monitor expects subsequent calls to
// SetBufferedBytes to have monotonically nondecreasing timestamps.
// Calls to the method are ignored if monitor has not been started or is
// stopped.
void SetBufferedBytes(int64 buffered_bytes, const base::Time& timestamp);
// Notifies the monitor when the media file has paused or continued
// downloading data.
void SetNetworkActivity(bool is_downloading_data);
void set_total_bytes(int64 total_bytes) { total_bytes_ = total_bytes; }
void set_loaded(bool loaded) { loaded_ = loaded; }
// Stop monitoring download rate. This does not discard previously learned
// information, but it will no longer factor incoming information into its
// canplaythrough estimation.
void Stop();
// Resets monitor to uninitialized state.
void Reset();
// Represents a point in time in which the media was buffering data.
struct BufferingPoint {
// The number of bytes buffered by the media player at |timestamp|.
int64 buffered_bytes;
// Time at which buffering measurement was taken.
base::Time timestamp;
// Represents a span of time in which the media was buffering data.
class Sample {
Sample(const BufferingPoint& start, const BufferingPoint& end);
// Set the end point of the data sample.
void set_end(const BufferingPoint& new_end);
const BufferingPoint& start() const { return start_; }
const BufferingPoint& end() const { return end_; }
// Returns the bytes downloaded per second in this sample. Returns -1.0 if
// sample is invalid.
float bytes_per_second() const;
// Returns the seconds elapsed in this sample. Returns -1.0 if the sample
// has not begun yet.
float seconds_elapsed() const;
// Returns bytes downloaded in this sample. Returns -1.0 if the sample has
// not begun yet.
int64 bytes_downloaded() const;
// Returns true if Sample has not been initialized.
bool is_null() const;
// Resets the sample to an uninitialized state.
void Reset();
// Restarts the sample to begin its measurement at what was previously its
// end point.
void RestartAtEndBufferingPoint();
BufferingPoint start_;
BufferingPoint end_;
int64 bytes_downloaded_in_window() const;
float seconds_elapsed_in_window() const;
// Updates window with latest sample if it is ready.
void UpdateSampleWindow();
// Returns an approximation of the current download rate in bytes per second.
// Returns -1.0 if unknown.
float ApproximateDownloadByteRate() const;
// Helper method that returns true if the monitor believes it should fire the
// |canplaythrough_cb_|.
bool ShouldNotifyCanPlayThrough();
// Examines the download rate and fires the |canplaythrough_cb_| callback if
// the monitor deems it the right time.
void NotifyCanPlayThroughIfNeeded();
// Callback to run when the monitor believes the media can play through
// without needing to pause to buffer.
base::Closure canplaythrough_cb_;
// Indicates whether the monitor has run the |canplaythrough_cb_|.
bool has_notified_can_play_through_;
// Measurements used to approximate download speed.
Sample current_sample_;
std::deque<Sample> sample_window_;
// True if actively downloading bytes, false otherwise.
bool is_downloading_data_;
// Total number of bytes in the media file, 0 if unknown or undefined.
int64 total_bytes_;
// Amount of bytes buffered.
int64 buffered_bytes_;
// True if the media file is a fully loaded source, e.g. file:// protocol.
bool loaded_;
// Bitrate of the media file, 0 if unknown.
int bitrate_;
// True if the monitor has not yet started or has been stopped, false
// otherwise.
bool stopped_;
} // namespace media