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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Wrapper for running the test under heapchecker and analyzing the output."""
import datetime
import logging
import os
import re
import common
import path_utils
import suppressions
class HeapcheckWrapper(object):
TMP_FILE = 'heapcheck.log'
SANITY_TEST_SUPPRESSION = "Heapcheck sanity test"
LEAK_REPORT_RE = re.compile(
'Leak of ([0-9]*) bytes in ([0-9]*) objects allocated from:')
STACK_LINE_RE = re.compile('\s*@\s*(?:0x)?[0-9a-fA-F]+\s*([^\n]*)')
BORING_CALLERS = common.BoringCallers(mangled=False, use_re_wildcards=True)
def __init__(self, supp_files):
self._mode = 'strict'
self._timeout = 1200
self._nocleanup_on_exit = False
self._suppressions = []
for fname in supp_files:
if os.path.exists(self.TMP_FILE):
def PutEnvAndLog(self, env_name, env_value):
"""Sets the env var |env_name| to |env_value| and writes to
os.putenv(env_name, env_value)'export %s=%s', env_name, env_value)
def Execute(self):
"""Executes the app to be tested."""'starting execution...')
proc = ['sh', path_utils.ScriptDir() + '/']
proc += self._args
self.PutEnvAndLog('G_SLICE', 'always-malloc')
self.PutEnvAndLog('NSS_DISABLE_UNLOAD', '1')
self.PutEnvAndLog('GTEST_DEATH_TEST_USE_FORK', '1')
self.PutEnvAndLog('HEAPCHECK', self._mode)
self.PutEnvAndLog('HEAP_CHECK_MAX_LEAKS', '-1')
self.PutEnvAndLog('KEEP_SHADOW_STACKS', '1')
path_utils.ScriptDir() +
common.RunSubprocess(proc, self._timeout)
# Always return true, even if running the subprocess failed. We depend on
# Analyze to determine if the run was valid.
return True
def Analyze(self, log_lines, check_sanity=False):
"""Analyzes the app's output and applies suppressions to the reports.
Analyze() searches the logs for leak reports and tries to apply
suppressions to them. Unsuppressed reports and other log messages are
dumped as is.
If |check_sanity| is True, the list of suppressed reports is searched for a
report starting with SANITY_TEST_SUPPRESSION. If there isn't one, Analyze
returns 2 regardless of the unsuppressed reports.
log_lines: An iterator over the app's log lines.
check_sanity: A flag that determines whether we should check the tool's
2, if the sanity check fails,
1, if unsuppressed reports remain in the output and the sanity check
0, if all the errors are suppressed and the sanity check passes.
return_code = 0
# leak signature: [number of bytes, number of objects]
cur_leak_signature = None
cur_stack = []
cur_report = []
reported_hashes = {}
# Statistics grouped by suppression description:
# [hit count, bytes, objects].
used_suppressions = {}
for line in log_lines:
line = line.rstrip() # remove the trailing \n
match = self.STACK_LINE_RE.match(line)
if match:
if cur_stack:
# Try to find the suppression that applies to the current leak stack.
description = ''
for supp in self._suppressions:
if supp.Match(cur_stack):
cur_stack = []
description = supp.description
if cur_stack:
if not cur_leak_signature:
print 'Missing leak signature for the following stack: '
for frame in cur_stack:
print ' ' + frame
print 'Aborting...'
return 3
# Drop boring callers from the stack to get less redundant info
# and fewer unique reports.
found_boring = False
for i in range(1, len(cur_stack)):
for j in self.BORING_CALLERS:
if re.match(j, cur_stack[i]):
cur_stack = cur_stack[:i]
cur_report = cur_report[:i]
found_boring = True
if found_boring:
error_hash = hash("".join(cur_stack)) & 0xffffffffffffffff
if error_hash not in reported_hashes:
reported_hashes[error_hash] = 1
# Print the report and set the return code to 1.
print ('Leak of %d bytes in %d objects allocated from:'
% tuple(cur_leak_signature))
print '\n'.join(cur_report)
return_code = 1
# Generate the suppression iff the stack contains more than one
# frame (otherwise it's likely to be broken)
if len(cur_stack) > 1 or found_boring:
print '\nSuppression (error hash=#%016X#):\n{' % (error_hash)
print ' <insert_a_suppression_name_here>'
print ' Heapcheck:Leak'
for frame in cur_stack:
print ' fun:' + frame
print '}\n\n'
print ('This stack may be broken due to omitted frame pointers.'
' It is not recommended to suppress it.\n')
# Update the suppressions histogram.
if description in used_suppressions:
hits, bytes, objects = used_suppressions[description]
hits += 1
bytes += cur_leak_signature[0]
objects += cur_leak_signature[1]
used_suppressions[description] = [hits, bytes, objects]
used_suppressions[description] = [1] + cur_leak_signature
cur_stack = []
cur_report = []
cur_leak_signature = None
match = self.LEAK_REPORT_RE.match(line)
if match:
cur_leak_signature = map(int, match.groups())
print line
# Print the list of suppressions used.
is_sane = False
if used_suppressions:
print '-----------------------------------------------------'
print 'Suppressions used:'
print ' count bytes objects name'
histo = {}
for description in used_suppressions:
if description.startswith(HeapcheckWrapper.SANITY_TEST_SUPPRESSION):
is_sane = True
hits, bytes, objects = used_suppressions[description]
line = '%8d %8d %8d %s' % (hits, bytes, objects, description)
if hits in histo:
histo[hits] = [line]
keys = histo.keys()
for count in keys:
for line in histo[count]:
print line
print '-----------------------------------------------------'
if check_sanity and not is_sane:
logging.error("Sanity check failed")
return 2
return return_code
def RunTestsAndAnalyze(self, check_sanity):
log_file = file(self.TMP_FILE, 'r')
ret = self.Analyze(log_file, check_sanity)
return ret
def Main(self, args, check_sanity=False):
self._args = args
start =
retcode = -1
retcode = self.RunTestsAndAnalyze(check_sanity)
end =
seconds = (end - start).seconds
hours = seconds / 3600
seconds %= 3600
minutes = seconds / 60
seconds %= 60'elapsed time: %02d:%02d:%02d', hours, minutes, seconds)'For more information on the Heapcheck bot see '
return retcode
def RunTool(args, supp_files, module):
tool = HeapcheckWrapper(supp_files)
check_sanity = module in MODULES_TO_SANITY_CHECK
return tool.Main(args[1:], check_sanity)