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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Shards a given test suite and runs the shards in parallel.
ShardingSupervisor is called to process the command line options and creates
the specified number of worker threads. These threads then run each shard of
the test in a separate process and report on the results. When all the shards
have been completed, the supervisor reprints any lines indicating a test
failure for convenience. If only one shard is to be run, a single subprocess
is started for that shard and the output is identical to gtest's output.
import cStringIO
import itertools
import optparse
import os
import Queue
import random
import re
import sys
import threading
# Add tools/ to path
BASE_PATH = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
sys.path.append(os.path.join(BASE_PATH, ".."))
import find_depot_tools
# Fixes a bug in Windows where some shards die upon starting
# TODO(charleslee): actually fix this bug
import subprocess2 as subprocess
except ImportError:
# Unable to find depot_tools, so just use standard subprocess
import subprocess
SS_USAGE = "python %prog [options] path/to/test [gtest_args]"
SS_DEFAULT_RUNS_PER_CORE = 1 # num_workers = cores * RUNS_PER_CORE
SS_DEFAULT_RETRY_PERCENT = 5 # --retry-failed ignored if more than 5% fail
def DetectNumCores():
"""Detects the number of cores on the machine.
The number of cores on the machine or DEFAULT_NUM_CORES if it could not
be found.
# Linux, Unix, MacOS
if hasattr(os, "sysconf"):
if "SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN" in os.sysconf_names:
# Linux, Unix
return int(os.sysconf("SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN"))
return int(os.popen2("sysctl -n hw.ncpu")[1].read())
# Windows
return int(os.environ["NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS"])
except ValueError:
def RunShard(test, num_shards, index, gtest_args, stdout, stderr):
"""Runs a single test shard in a subprocess.
The Popen object representing the subprocess handle.
args = [test]
env = os.environ.copy()
env["GTEST_TOTAL_SHARDS"] = str(num_shards)
env["GTEST_SHARD_INDEX"] = str(index)
# Use a unique log file for each shard
# Allows ui_tests to be run in parallel on the same machine
env["CHROME_LOG_FILE"] = "chrome_log_%d" % index
return subprocess.Popen(
args, stdout=stdout, stderr=stderr, env=env, bufsize=0)
class ShardRunner(threading.Thread):
"""Worker thread that manages a single shard at a time.
supervisor: The ShardingSupervisor that this worker reports to.
counter: Called to get the next shard index to run.
test_start: Regex that detects when a test runs.
test_ok: Regex that detects a passing test.
test_fail: Regex that detects a failing test.
current_test: The name of the currently running test.
def __init__(self, supervisor, counter, test_start, test_ok, test_fail):
"""Inits ShardRunner and sets the current test to nothing."""
self.supervisor = supervisor
self.counter = counter
self.test_start = test_start
self.test_ok = test_ok
self.test_fail = test_fail
self.current_test = ""
def ReportFailure(self, description, index, test_name):
"""Assembles and reports a failure line to be printed later."""
log_line = "%s (%i): %s\n" % (description, index, test_name)
def ProcessLine(self, index, line):
"""Checks a shard output line for test status, and reports a failure or
incomplete test if needed.
results =
if results:
if self.current_test:
self.ReportFailure("INCOMPLETE", index, self.current_test)
self.current_test =
results =
if results:
self.current_test = ""
results =
if results:
self.ReportFailure("FAILED", index,
self.current_test = ""
def run(self):
"""Runs shards and outputs the results.
Gets the next shard index from the supervisor, runs it in a subprocess,
and collects the output. The output is read character by character in
case the shard crashes without an ending newline. Each line is processed
as it is finished.
while True:
index = self.counter.get_nowait()
except Queue.Empty:
chars = cStringIO.StringIO()
shard_running = True
shard = RunShard(
self.supervisor.test, self.supervisor.num_shards, index,
self.supervisor.gtest_args, subprocess.PIPE, subprocess.STDOUT)
while shard_running:
char =
if not char and shard.poll() is not None:
shard_running = False
if char == "\n" or not shard_running:
line = chars.getvalue()
if not line and not shard_running:
self.ProcessLine(index, line)
self.supervisor.LogOutputLine(index, line)
chars = cStringIO.StringIO()
if self.current_test:
self.ReportFailure("INCOMPLETE", index, self.current_test)
if shard.returncode != 0:
class ShardingSupervisor(object):
"""Supervisor object that handles the worker threads.
test: Name of the test to shard.
num_shards: Total number of shards to split the test into.
num_runs: Total number of worker threads to create for running shards.
color: Indicates which coloring mode to use in the output.
original_order: True if shard output should be printed as it comes.
prefix: True if each line should indicate the shard index.
retry_percent: Integer specifying the max percent of tests to retry.
gtest_args: The options to pass to gtest.
failed_tests: List of statements from shard output indicating a failure.
failed_shards: List of shards that contained failing tests.
shards_completed: List of flags indicating which shards have finished.
shard_output: Buffer that stores the output from each shard.
test_counter: Stores the total number of tests run.
def __init__(self, test, num_shards, num_runs, color, original_order,
prefix, retry_percent, gtest_args):
"""Inits ShardingSupervisor with given options and gtest arguments."""
self.test = test
self.num_shards = num_shards
self.num_runs = num_runs
self.color = color
self.original_order = original_order
self.prefix = prefix
self.retry_percent = retry_percent
self.gtest_args = gtest_args
self.failed_tests = []
self.failed_shards = []
self.shards_completed = [False] * num_shards
self.shard_output = [Queue.Queue() for _ in range(num_shards)]
self.test_counter = itertools.count()
def ShardTest(self):
"""Runs the test and manages the worker threads.
Runs the test and outputs a summary at the end. All the tests in the
suite are run by creating (cores * runs_per_core) threads and
(cores * shards_per_core) shards. When all the worker threads have
finished, the lines saved in failed_tests are printed again. If enabled,
and failed tests that do not have FLAKY or FAILS in their names are run
again, serially, and the results are printed.
1 if some unexpected (not FLAKY or FAILS) tests failed, 0 otherwise.
# Regular expressions for parsing GTest logs. Test names look like
# SomeTestCase.SomeTest
# SomeName/SomeTestCase.SomeTest/1
# This regex also matches SomeName.SomeTest/1 and
# SomeName/SomeTestCase.SomeTest, which should be harmless.
test_name_regex = r"((\w+/)?\w+\.\w+(/\d+)?)"
# Regex for filtering out ANSI escape codes when using color.
ansi_regex = r"(?:\x1b\[.*?[a-zA-Z])?"
test_start = re.compile(
ansi_regex + r"\[\s+RUN\s+\] " + ansi_regex + test_name_regex)
test_ok = re.compile(
ansi_regex + r"\[\s+OK\s+\] " + ansi_regex + test_name_regex)
test_fail = re.compile(
ansi_regex + r"\[\s+FAILED\s+\] " + ansi_regex + test_name_regex)
workers = []
counter = Queue.Queue()
for i in range(self.num_shards):
for i in range(self.num_runs):
worker = ShardRunner(
self, counter, test_start, test_ok, test_fail)
if self.original_order:
for worker in workers:
num_failed = len(self.failed_shards)
if num_failed > 0:
"\nFAILED SHARDS: %s\n" % str(self.failed_shards),
self.WriteText(sys.stderr, "\nALL SHARDS PASSED!\n", "\x1b[1;5;32m")
if self.retry_percent < 0:
return len(self.failed_shards) > 0
self.failed_tests = [x for x in self.failed_tests if x.find("FAILS_") < 0]
self.failed_tests = [x for x in self.failed_tests if x.find("FLAKY_") < 0]
if not self.failed_tests:
return 0
return self.RetryFailedTests()
def LogTestFailure(self, line):
"""Saves a line in the lsit of failed tests to be printed at the end."""
if line not in self.failed_tests:
def LogShardFailure(self, index):
"""Records that a test in the given shard has failed."""
def WaitForShards(self):
"""Prints the output from each shard in consecutive order, waiting for
the current shard to finish before starting on the next shard.
for shard_index in range(self.num_shards):
while True:
line = self.shard_output[shard_index].get()
if line is self.SHARD_COMPLETED:
def LogOutputLine(self, index, line):
"""Either prints the shard output line immediately or saves it in the
output buffer, depending on the settings. Also optionally adds a prefix.
if self.prefix:
line = "%i>%s" % (index, line)
if self.original_order:
def IncrementTestCount(self):
"""Increments the number of tests run. This is relevant to the
--retry-percent option.
def ShardIndexCompleted(self, index):
"""Records that a shard has finished so the output from the next shard
can now be printed.
def RetryFailedTests(self):
"""Reruns any failed tests serially and prints another summary of the
results if no more than retry_percent failed.
num_tests_run =
if len(self.failed_tests) > self.retry_percent * num_tests_run:
sys.stderr.write("\nNOT RETRYING FAILED TESTS (too many failed)\n")
return 1
self.WriteText(sys.stderr, "\nRETRYING FAILED TESTS:\n", "\x1b[1;5;33m")
sharded_description = re.compile(r": (?:\d+>)?(.*)")
gtest_filters = [
for line in self.failed_tests]
failed_retries = []
for test_filter in gtest_filters:
args = [self.test, "--gtest_filter=" + test_filter]
rerun = subprocess.Popen(args)
if rerun.returncode != 0:
self.WriteText(sys.stderr, "RETRY RESULTS:\n", "\x1b[1;5;33m")
return len(failed_retries) > 0
def PrintSummary(self, failed_tests):
"""Prints a summary of the test results.
If any shards had failing tests, the list is sorted and printed. Then all
the lines that indicate a test failure are reproduced.
if failed_tests:
self.WriteText(sys.stderr, "FAILED TESTS:\n", "\x1b[1;5;31m")
for line in failed_tests:
self.WriteText(sys.stderr, "ALL TESTS PASSED!\n", "\x1b[1;5;32m")
def WriteText(self, pipe, text, ansi):
"""Writes the text to the pipe with the ansi escape code, if colored
output is set, for Unix systems.
if self.color:
if self.color:
def main():
parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage=SS_USAGE)
"-n", "--shards_per_core", type="int", default=SS_DEFAULT_SHARDS_PER_CORE,
help="number of shards to generate per CPU")
"-r", "--runs_per_core", type="int", default=SS_DEFAULT_RUNS_PER_CORE,
help="number of shards to run in parallel per CPU")
"-c", "--color", action="store_true",
default=sys.platform != "win32" and sys.stdout.isatty(),
help="force color output, also used by gtest if --gtest_color is not"
" specified")
"--no-color", action="store_false", dest="color",
help="disable color output")
"-s", "--runshard", type="int", help="single shard index to run")
"--reorder", action="store_true",
help="ensure that all output from an earlier shard is printed before"
" output from a later shard")
# TODO(charleslee): for backwards compatibility with master.cfg file
"--original-order", action="store_true",
help="print shard output in its orginal jumbled order of execution"
" (useful for debugging flaky tests)")
"--prefix", action="store_true",
help="prefix each line of shard output with 'N>', where N is the shard"
" index (forced True when --original-order is True)")
"--random-seed", action="store_true",
help="shuffle the tests with a random seed value")
"--retry-failed", action="store_true",
help="retry tests that did not pass serially")
"--retry-percent", type="int",
help="ignore --retry-failed if more than this percent fail [0, 100]"
" (default = %i)" % SS_DEFAULT_RETRY_PERCENT)
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
if not args:
parser.error("You must specify a path to test!")
if not os.path.exists(args[0]):
parser.error("%s does not exist!" % args[0])
num_cores = DetectNumCores()
if options.shards_per_core < 1:
parser.error("You must have at least 1 shard per core!")
num_shards = num_cores * options.shards_per_core
if options.runs_per_core < 1:
parser.error("You must have at least 1 run per core!")
num_runs = num_cores * options.runs_per_core
gtest_args = ["--gtest_color=%s" % {
True: "yes", False: "no"}[options.color]] + args[1:]
if options.original_order:
options.prefix = True
# TODO(charleslee): for backwards compatibility with buildbot's log_parser
if options.reorder:
options.original_order = False
options.prefix = True
if options.random_seed:
seed = random.randint(1, 99999)
gtest_args.extend(["--gtest_shuffle", "--gtest_random_seed=%i" % seed])
if options.retry_failed:
if options.retry_percent < 0 or options.retry_percent > 100:
parser.error("Retry percent must be an integer [0, 100]!")
options.retry_percent = -1
if options.runshard != None:
# run a single shard and exit
if (options.runshard < 0 or options.runshard >= num_shards):
parser.error("Invalid shard number given parameters!")
shard = RunShard(
args[0], num_shards, options.runshard, gtest_args, None, None)
return shard.poll()
# shard and run the whole test
ss = ShardingSupervisor(
args[0], num_shards, num_runs, options.color, options.original_order,
options.prefix, options.retry_percent, gtest_args)
return ss.ShardTest()
if __name__ == "__main__":